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an open book that has pictures on it
15 Scrapbooks That Don’t Look like Grandma Made Them
Lowri mothers day cards (7)
an art piece with many different colors and designs on it, including circles and dots
Original Paintings
Original Paintings | Jacqui Fehl
a wall hanging made out of different colored tiles with a bird on the front and side
Rebecca Sower Art on Instagram: “Yesterday, just for fun, I resurrected an art technique I used to do years ago. Making mosaics with small wood blocks and bits of hand-…”
several pieces of art are laid out on the floor
an art piece with many different pictures on it, including orange and black squares in the middle
Zoom du jour
Zoom du jour "Family board" 48x24- Mixed medias-assemblage on wood- Maryline Lemaitre
a living room filled with lots of different colored rugs on the floor and walls
cooking up color
Paper Talks
six square pieces of art hanging on a wall
many colorful pictures are hanging on the wall
Brightest Young Things
an abstract painting with circles, dots and lines on it's paper textures
circle bunny 2
120308: circle bunny #2 8 x 8"
several pieces of blue and white art hanging on a wall with metal clips attached to it
Cyanotype Artwork — Donna Benedetto Designs