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three black cats sitting next to each other on a green surface with yellow and brown background
SOME SPORT! three cats, each winking
a pencil drawing of a cat wearing glasses
"Daily Meower" by Louis Wain.
a painting of two cats on a table with one cat holding a blue object in its paws
louis wain love
a drawing of a black cat with yellow eyes sitting on a green table cloth and looking at the camera
a painting of a black cat holding a piece of paper
Louis Wain – part 9
ART & ARTISTS: Louis Wain – part 9
a painting of a cat with flowers in it's paws on a green background
Louis Wain & The Cat Show 2019 | Exhibitions | MutualArt
a drawing of a cat with green eyes sitting next to a colorful flower and butterfly
Louis William Wain (British, 1860-1939) A curious cat 14 x 23 cm. (5 1/2 x 9 in.)
a painting of a cat with green eyes
Louis Wain: The artist who changed how we think about cats
a drawing of a blue cat with flowers in the background
: Photo
two cats are fighting with each other while one is holding an electric blow dryer
Chris Beetles Gallery
a painting of a black cat sitting on top of a red background with the words lucky black cat written below it
"The Lucky Black Cat" by Louis Wain
a painting of a cat sitting in the grass with flowers on it's side
Louis Wain | Enjoying the view | MutualArt
an old valentine card with a black cat on it's front and the words, good luck my valentine
Vintage Holidays: Photo