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blue and red fish on a white background with orange grated lines in the center
patterns — Marie Assenat
two plates with oranges and lemons on them
Platos de cerámica pintados y hechos a mano en Portugal por Casa Cubista
a plate with fish painted on it sitting on a shelf
Dinnerware, Kitchen Accessories & Collections
a hand holding a plate with different designs on it
three flower shaped dishes sitting on top of a white countertop next to candy canes
a white plate with two blue and red roosters painted on the side, sitting on a table
Wedding Gifts & Bridal Shower Gifts
a blue and white mug sitting on top of a wooden table
Pichet baigneurs
a blue and white cup with fish on it
two wedding rings are on a plate next to a flower pot with leaves and branches
four flowered cups and spoons on a tablecloth
two white and blue dishes sitting on top of a wooden tray next to each other
Глиняные тарелочки☀️🤍🌼
a blue and white flowered bowl next to a plate with a ring on it