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a wooden table lamp with an electric cord attached to it's arm, on a white background
Godspeed, "Trash desk lamp", table lamp, designed by Finn Ahlgren 2012, waste wood. HISTORY: Design duo Godspeed, consisting of Swede Finn Ahlgren and Dutchman Joy Van Erven is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and due in 2008. They manufacture furniture and other interior objects already used wood and waste wood and provides traditional furniture forms a new shape.
two people are standing on the stairs in a house with green carpeted flooring
House H, Tokyo – Sou Fujimoto
House H - Tokyo - Japan by Sou Fujimoto Architects. Photography Iwan Baan
an aerial view of a building with trees in the foreground and grass on the ground
© sou fugimoto - garden house - tochigi, japan - 2008
the interior of a modern house with white walls and wood flooring
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light + transparency >> Sou Fujimoto Architects House N; Remodelista architecture
a model of a house made out of glass and wood on top of a table
© sou fujimoto + lucasz bernacki (model) - NA house - tokyo, japan - 2011
the stairs are made from plywood and have skylights above them to let light into the room
sou fujimoto
a f a s i a: sou fujimoto Treppen Stairs Escaleras repinned by
a sculpture made out of wooden blocks in front of a window
architecturalmodels.: Photo
Architecture as Forest Sou Fujimoto Geneva Switzerland Exhibition 2013
an empty room with stairs leading up to the roof
House H, Tokyo – Sou Fujimoto
photo by Iwan Baan of Sou Fujimoto's "House H" in Tokyo
people are standing in the middle of a building with stairs and windows on each side
Tokyo's vertical thresholds #3: Sou Fujimoto
NA House by Sou Fujimoto
an abstract sculpture made out of clear plastic
Who: sou fujimoto What else: Inside Outside Tree V museum in london. The structure is made from sheets of clear acrylic which have been cut into variously shaped polygons and bound together using zip ties.
the interior of a modern house with white walls and floors, trees in the foreground
Dette huset er fullt av hull
Beautiful Japanese architecture that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor.
an apartment building with balconies on each floor
Gallery of Tappen / Joliark - 2
Tappen / Joliark
a group of young people standing around each other in a room with wooden walls and stairs
Gallery of Photography: Toyo Ito by Iwan Baan - 5
Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture © Iwan Baan
a woman walking past a building with an unusual design
Gallery of Photography: Toyo Ito by Iwan Baan - 1
Photography: Toyo Ito by Iwan Baan