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a model ship with lights on it in the night time, sitting on a reflective surface
a lego pirate ship is shown on a blue background
3 Парусный пакетбот
a lego castle made to look like it is in the middle of an ocean scene
a castle made out of legos sitting on top of a table
Knight's Forest Castle 03
a palm tree made out of legos on top of a white table with text overlay
Palm Tree Tutorial
a green tree made out of legos on a blue background
A Tree
a water fountain with blue glass balls in the bottom and lights on each side, against a white background
a lego castle with a boat in the water
a lego castle is shown on top of a blue surface with two small boats in the water
an image of a lego castle made out of bricks
[MOC] Forbidden Island
a cake with a pirate ship on it and palm trees in the foreground,
Blasted Ashore!
a lego model of a waterfall with a boat in the water
Eastern Shoreline
a lego castle with lots of small buildings on it's sides and palm trees in the background
Fort Magnis
a building made out of legos with people on the roof and in front of it is a palm tree