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POV: what I think I will look like if I where a dog
POV:the new serie... MR. Flying Half Crab is a thief. 😂
Pov:Me minding my own business while being cool. Then that one annoying girl who comes over. But her look...💀💀💀
Pov your trying to lusen to something interesting but then this one queen be starts to push you down
Pov me when I get treets
two dogs that are sitting next to each other in front of pyramids with the caption best selfie ever
POV: ME and my BFF whitout parents on a trip 💗
My Bff, When Someone, Call Me, Being Ugly
POV me when someone calls my BFF ugly BITCH!
pov when I think my crush is going to ask me out but then rembering how i look