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a young boy is painting on a long white paper with dinosaurs and giraffes
Shadow Dino Drawing
two pictures of an octopus and a monster on green paper
Surprise Art Project for Kids
a vase filled with lots of different types of paper
Toilet Paper Roll Faces: The Creepiest Use Of A Toilet Paper Roll Ever | Bit Rebels
Arte com rolo de papel
a blackboard with some different types of cardboard
Tapping Into Declarative and Procedural Knowledge in the Art Room
board showing different cardboard attachment methods
two pictures with different designs on them, one is cut out and the other has an image of a woman's face
Easy Art lessons for substitute teachers (free, emergency lessons)
tessellation art lesson plan
the instructions for how to draw an anime character's face in one point perspective
Giancarlo Volpe
Giancarlo Volpe | Camera Lens Choice! These are some guides I did...
two pictures, one with an abstract painting and the other with art work on it
curated contemporary art
American artist Titus Kaphar paints gorgeous pieces that remind me of my Art History text books… which he then he cuts up and rearranges into modern masterpieces that tell an entirely new story
an art project with colored pencils and watercolor on paper, depicting different scenes
The Lost Sock
Visual Perspective Techniques: 1)Overlapping, 2) Size 3) Value 4)Position, 5)horizon line 6) detail 7. linear perspective- The Lost Sock
a sheet of diagrams showing how to draw the lines in different directions, with arrows pointing up
1 point perspective city street - Google Search
an image of different lines that are in the same pattern as shown on this page
Lips. | 17 Diagrams That Will Help You Draw (Almost) Anything
someone is doing watercolor techniques on their notebook
Adventures-in-Making – So, There.
TOOLBOX: 8 Watercolor Techniques for Beginners |