Fun Kids Activities for Elementary to Teens

Looking for fun activities for your kids? Here are some of our favourites!
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Build a Newton's Cradle - STEM Project for Kids
Follow our easy step-by-step instructions to build a Newton's Cradle and explore physics and engineering with a fun, hands-on project. LINK:
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DIY Carnival Games for a fun twist on the Science Fair or End of School Year
Build your own games and gamify learning with these DIY Carnival Game ideas. Whether you are looking for ideas for an end of school year penny carnival, fun summer STEM camp ideas, a really unique take on the Science Fair, or looking for really cool ideas to run a fundraiser, these DIY interactive carnival game ideas pack a powerful punch! Your kids will learn valuable STEM skills, plus have incredible fun playing their games and sharing them with others. LINK:
DIY Trash Grabber STEM Project for Kids
Earth Day is coming up, but around here we like to think of every day as Earth Day! One of our goals is to always keep our neighborhoods clean. This means cleaning up the trash. Doing neighborhood clean ups is a fantastic way to get kids involved in protecting our environment, but they may not always be the most enthusiastic. So we have a really fun STEM project building a simple DIY Trash Grabber. LINK:
Shooting Hoops - Fun DIY Basketball Game Project
In this amazing STEM lesson, we will make a basketball game to play on your desk at home or in the classroom on a rainy day. It is also a great project for the science fair, as it explores many scientific and STEM concepts including physics, math, and engineering. Perfect for basketball lovers who want to practice those 3 pointers! LINK:
Basketball STEM Project - Build a Basketball Game and Learn the Science of Basketball and Catapults
Get those 3 pointers with a DIY Basketball STEM Project built by your kids and powered by a catapult. This incredible STEM Project uses simple recycled materials. It is a fantastic project for STEM lessons, STEM Club, the Science Fair, Physics class, a Game Day, but most importantly for all your basketball loving kids. They will learning engineering, physics, math, plus the science of basketball and catapults. Fun! LINK:
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Magic Playdough - An incredible homemade playdough that changes colour from your touch!
Ready for an at home project that will have everyone fascinated, playing and learning? Magic playdough is an incredible sensory science experience. Learn about heat transfer and thermochromatic pigments as you play and create, the colours magically changing from your touch. Includes an easy DIY recipe so you can make this at home in less than 20 minutes, then spend hours playing! A wonderful sensory experience. #MagicPlaydough #Playdough #HomemadePlaydough #DIYPlaydough #Science #Homeschool
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Wow! This Simple Circuit Project is so Easy!
In this simple but effective project, you will learn how to make a simple circuit using a 9-volt battery, LED, and pencil drawing. This project is a fun way to explore and learn about the science of electricity and circuits. This simple circuit project is perfect for elementary students and can easily be done during a standard classroom period. LINK:
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Crystal and Flowers DIY Resin Phone Grip Project
Super Soft Playdough Recipe - Feels like a cloud fluffy slime
Is it playdough? Is it slime? Is it Oobleck? You decide! This silky smooth playdough recipe needs only 2 ingredients and ready in one minute! It has incredible stretch making it very much like slime (without needing glue, borax or contact solution). This is the perfect recipe to make a quick sensory play experience that is soft and gentle on hands. CLICK TO GET THE RECIPE. Can't find the link: here you go!
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Family Fun Christmas Games For All Ages - Making the Holidays Special
Make the holidays fun and memorable with these Christmas Games that will get everyone laughing and celebrating together. We have packed this resource full of the best holiday games for all ages including games for home or school (including virtual school or distance learning), STEM games, educational games, and games just for fun! Celebrate the holidays with these games that will get kids up and moving and making memories. #ChristmasGames #HolidayGames #ChristmasClassroom #EducationalGames
Spooky Fun Halloween Chemistry Experiment - Perfect for homeschool, Halloween games or just for fun!
These Halloween activities for kids are not only educational but also so much fun! Kids will love this simple chemistry experiment that involves a little bit of art, and a whole lot of spooky surprises! A great project for preschool to elementary using simple, easy to find materials. Do this activity as part of your homeschool or virtual lessons, as part of a Halloween party or game, or just because your kids will love it! Visit to learn more #Halloween #Science #Chemistry
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WOW your Kids with this Halloween Balloon Race Science Activity - Silliness will ensue!
Ready to get silly while learning this Halloween? Kids have a blast with this simple chemistry reaction experiment we call Halloween balloon surprise! Using only simply supplies from the kitchen, and a balloon, kids can explore chemical reactions with a spooky fun surprise. Perfect for elementary ages, this Halloween activity can be done as part of homeschool, virtual labs, online schooling, Halloween parties and games. Click to learn more #Halloween #Chemistry #Science
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Oil and Water Don't Mix, But Colours Do in this Fun Experiment
Why don't oil and water mix? Learn why in this easy experiment using simple supplies. Explore how oil and water behaves plus the magic of colour mixing. In this experiment we use the incredible science behind oil and water repelling each other to also learn some colour theory. Adding in the magic of colour mixing takes this simple science experiment from “meh” to “WOW”. #SimpleScience #ScienceExperiments #OilandWater #Elementary #Preschool #Kindergarten
DIY Rocket Launcher STEM Project
3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF! This Space STEM Activity for kids is an absolute BLAST! Build a Rocket Launcher and learn rocket science with MEL Kids. Everything you need is included in the box, with the bonus of a booklet that features an amazing, illustrated STEM story, easy to follow directions, lessons in Jet Propulsion and Space Science and some bonus activities. A fantastic homeschool STEM project for Elementary. #RocketLauncher #DIYRocket #STEMChallenge #SpaceSTEM #SpaceSTEMActivities #STEMActivities
Space STEM Activities - Pipe Cleaner Constellations
Space STEM Activity - Building Pipe Cleaner Constellation Models - This Space STEM Activity takes us to the stars! Build Pipe Cleaner Constellations three different ways. Including one technique that promotes literacy, and one that glows in the dark! Includes free printable task cards plus book recommendations to learn more about the stars that light up our night skies. Fantastic classroom project with display potential. #SpaceSTEMActivities #SpaceSTEM #SpaceSTEMActivity #Constellations #Stars