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a statue of a woman holding her hand to her face and looking down at the ground
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Netsuke: Female ghost. Japan. Edo period. 18th c. Saishiki-figure of a female ghost made of boxwood. VAN HAM sold this netsuke in December 2017 for 103.200 euros. #vanham #netsuke #auction #auktion #japaneseart #japan #asianart #ghost #boxwood
an octopus's head is shown in this close up shot on a white background
Bonhams : A fine ivory netsuke of an octopus 19th century
A fine ivory netsuke of an octopus 19th century A FINE IVORY NETSUKE OF AN OCTOPUS 19th century Sold for £12,000 (US$ 15,415) inc. premium NETSUKE FROM A EUROPEAN PRIVATE COLLECTION 8 May 2016, 17:30 BST LONDON, NEW BOND STREET
a ball that has some kind of animal in it
Nesting bird.:
a small figurine with two eyes in a basket
Carved Netsuke Figure.
Carved netsuke figure.
a wooden bat hanging from the side of a wall
Gifts and Toys
Bat Netsuke. I have several I'm going to make into ceiling fan pulls.
an octopus sculpture on top of a black table
Octopus and crab via Raffaele Panarielli /fb
a wooden mask with an evil face on it
Japanese Aesthetics
Netsuke in the form of a hyottoko mask., Japan, 18th century (1701 - 1800)
a wooden statue of a person with their head in his hands
Antique Japanese Netsuke for sale | eBay
a close up of a figurine with a face in the shape of a peal
AB In a Nutshell- 2010 Release Frog in Walnut
Netsuke Frog in Walnut
a ceramic figurine of a frog pushing a wagon with sheep
fishmonger frog netsuke #collectible
a ceramic figurine of a frog sitting on its hind legs
Hand Carved Ivory Frog Netsuke
Hand Carved Ivory Frog Netsuke
a ceramic figurine that looks like an octopus with its mouth open and eyes closed
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Squid Netsuke
a small wooden turtle sitting on top of a white table
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an intricately carved yellow octopus sculpture on a gray background, with a chain around it's neck
The Carving Path
netsuke~Natasha Ryusa. octopus, ocean, carving, ocean, animal