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the back of a woman's leotard with beading on it and an open neckline
two pictures of the same dress on mannequins, one in blue and one in light blue
a blue dress on display in a glass case
a pink dress with flowers on it is shown in three different angles, and the bottom one has an attached headband
two pieces of clothing on display in front of a white door, one with pink and purple flowers
a pink and purple dress on a mannequin headdress with flowers in the center
Jordan Grace Princesswear Custom Unique Dance Costumes design consultation choreography dance style Page 2
a mannequin wearing a pink and black outfit with an embellishment on it
two pictures of a woman wearing a black and green belly dance skirt with sequins
Gorgeous Competition Dance Costume Resale https://www.facebook.com/DanceCostumeConnection/posts/524373117640621:0
an item is shown on the internet page
Jordan Grace Princesswear