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two guinea pigs are standing next to each other and the caption says, i take food out of my brother's mouth
Chewy is guilty of this too - Guinea Pig Shaming
a man with a guinea pig on his shoulder and the caption me doing my taxes i have a child
The only correct way to do your taxes this year 🤣
a close up of a guinea pig looking at the camera with its hands on it's face
a bunch of pictures with some animals in them and the caption that says,
a woman laying on top of a bed next to a guinea pig with caption that reads, i said put down the carrot and walk away
Leave the carrot and no one gets hurt.
a hamster in a deadpool costume holding a guinea pig and captioning it's dangerous to go alone take this with you
a brown and white guinea pig is sitting in the grass with its mouth open, saying moto why be thiner when you can have more dinner
a guinea pig and a lion looking at each other in front of a mirror that says, it's easy to have the courage of a lion, they're organic and have
the guinea pig is looking at its own reflection in the window and it looks like he's trying to get some attention
guinea pig asks for carrots
two guinea pigs sitting next to each other on a blue blanket with the caption, memeshes to my guinea pigs my guinea pig is wondering why i just asked if they are an umbrella
a black and white guinea pig peeking out from behind a wooden door text reads me eating a snack my guinea pig bonjour