Svt 17

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several people laying on couches in a waiting room
two men in suits are standing near a table
a man with glasses and a microphone in front of a building on a city street
a woman with blonde hair wearing a straw hat and holding her hand to her face
a young boy wearing a helmet and bow tie in front of a television screen with his mouth open
a man sitting on top of a chair next to a white brick wall and wearing blue jeans
a man standing in front of a white wall wearing a black and blue jacket with his hand on his hip
Hip Hop, Mingyu Wonwoo
Nct, Kdrama, Kpop Idol
a man wearing sunglasses and a pink vest talking to another man in front of him
Humour, Joshua Meme, Joshua Seventeen, Joshua Hong, Meme Pictures
Fandom, K Meme