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an open door leading to a living room with stairs and bookshelf in the background
Smooth To The Touch - Canvas Floors
The natural finish on these Canvas floors shows true character within each plank!
a living room with two chairs and a television mounted above the fireplace in front of it
Living Room Goals! Shiplap | Oak Bluffs
Check out this awesome build that includes shiplap, a wood mantle, and Oak Bluffs flooring 👏
a wooden floor that has some nails on it
Get Creative With Your Floors - Copley Wood Flooring
We love this incredible herringbone pattern!
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place
STONE fireplace ✔️ - WOOD floors ✔️
We'll give you one guess on where you can go for all your building needs
a large kitchen with an island and bar stools next to the stove top oven
Add Dimension To Any Room With Box Beams!
Paired with Developer Sonoma wood floors, this kitchen looks spacious and unique.
a kitchen with white cabinets and an island in front of a brick wall that has a window
Meet the duo: Your Kitchen and Sawyer Mason's Copley flooring
Sawyer Mason's touch transforms our cooking space into stylish haven!
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used as a dining room or family room
Sausalito Sawyer Mason Flooring
Unveil a world where every step is a statement.
a brown dog laying on top of a mat in front of a door with two bowls
Sausalito Flooring - Good boys appreciate good floors.
This home is pup approved!
a living room with two wicker chairs and a fireplace
Shiplap | Fireplace | Wood Beams | Sausalito Flooring
Crafting a home masterpiece with Stonewood Products: From the shiplap fireplace, to the wood beams, to the Sausalito flooring! A harmonious blend of quality and style.
a living room with white furniture and a flat screen tv on the wall above the fireplace
Ashlar Veneer and Shiplap
Fireplace makeover! Upgrade your fireplace with Ashlar Veneer and Shiplap - complimented by wood beams and Sausalito flooring to create the coziest space this winter.
an empty room with wood floors and white stairs
Barnwood Gray Shiplap - Knotty White Pine Shiplap - Hevea Wallboarding - Sawyer Mason
Sourced from Stonewood: Barnwood Gray Shiplap, Knotty White Pine Shiplap, Hevea Wallboarding, and Sawyer Mason Canvas flooring - the perfect combination!
an outdoor pool with lounge chairs and tables next to it
Check out this recent installation with Chatham Blue Pavers!
It's a perfect time for grilling, and patio chilling 🍂
an outdoor seating area with chairs and tables
Stunning Outdoor Kitchen | Silver Travertine pavers
stone steps lead up to the front door of a house
Beautiful Stair Inspiration | Chatham Blue Granite | NE Rounds | Weathered Fieldstone Rounds
a stone wall with steps leading up to it
Natural Veneer Stone | New England Rounds | Stonewood Products
New England Rounds are the most durable and weather-resistant material for any exterior application. Pairs well with Silver Travertine Pavers.