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rainbow rice with food coloring in it and the words how to dye
How to Dye Rainbow Rice using Food Coloring for Sensory Play - Active Littles
How to dye rice with rubbing alcohol? How to dye rainbow rice with paint for sensory play? All of these questions and play ideas within this post right here
a wooden board with various items on it and a key chain hanging off the side
a remote control mounted to the side of a wall covered in magnets and chains
Toddler Busy Board Montessori for boy, eco friendly products, 1st Birthday Christmas gift, sensory board, wooden toys, activity board
a toddler playing with toys on the floor
11 Toddler Busy Boards Your Child Will Love
a toddler standing next to a magnetic board with lots of magnets on it
Montessori Activity Board, Toddler Busy Board for Boys, Toddler Busy Board for Girls, First Birthday First Learning Christmas Toddler Gift - Etsy