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the gym equipment is being worked on by someone in their garage or workshop, and they are ready to be used
Weight Rack and Bench
a piece of wood is being built to look like it's in the process of being assembled
15 DIY Dip Bar Ideas: How To Build A Dip Bar
a room filled with lots of wooden furniture
Skvaaat rack
the bike rack is made out of wood
a wooden pole with two metal handles on it and a red chair in the background
the inside of a home gym with wooden walls
Home gym
a home gym setup up in the corner of a room
2x4 squat and bench rack I built. Found has worked well for me for about 4 years now. Still holding up!
an advertisement for the tomb of hercules's leg press device, with a man falling off it
Saje Nicole | Official Site
an image of a football play from the sidelines
Workout Equipment
a homemade squat station with two barbells in front of a house
DIY squat rack/pull up bar
several rolls of toilet paper are stacked up on a wooden rack in front of a brick wall
This is my concrete gym! Costed me all $89.23 to make, I’m glad I didn’t pay for overpriced weights!, what color should I paint?
a person cooking on top of a grill with the words russian in front of it