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a wooden deck next to a swimming pool
Poolkantsten i Offerdalsskiffer
Rounded poolside stone in Offerdalsskiffer from Sweden.
a brick sidewalk with flowers and plants growing on it
Bohus smågatsten & Öländsk mursten
Swedish cob stone from Bohuslän together with a wallstone in limestone from Öland.
an outdoor stone wall with flowers and trees in the background
Öländsk mursten
Typical Swedish natural wallstone from Öland. Blends in perfectly with the nature.
the steps are made of stone and gravel
Bohus Granite Steps
Swedish Bohus Granite steps ”Modern”.
a close up of rocks and plants in front of a house
Benders Storgatsten
Benders Bohus big paving stone together with red Älvalsporfyr.
a red building with two double doors and a pole in front of the door is gravel
Bohus entréplan
Granite steps in front of entrance in Swedish Bohus granite.
a brick walkway leading to a red house
Offerdalsskiffer Hällar
Dreamy walk in natural stone Offerdalsskiffer from Sweden.
a stone walkway in front of a house
Offerdalsskiffer Hällar
Swedish natural stone Offerdalsskiffer. 300xfalling lenghts, amazing material.
the sun is shining brightly in the sky over a patio area with benches and an umbrella
Swedish Offerdalsskiffer
Irregular Offerdalsskiffer from Sweden.
a red house with a stone patio and picnic table
Irregular Offerdalsskiffer from northern of Sweden. A classic material that will last forever.
a red house sitting on top of a lush green field next to a body of water
Swedish Offerdalsskiffer.
a truck parked next to a stone wall
a stone wall next to some trees and bushes on the side of the road with stairs in the background
Naturstensmur byggd av oss på Svenska Stengruppen
a man is laying rocks on the ground
Stenläggning gatsten