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two crocheted dinosaurs sitting next to each other on a window sill with plants in the background
Вязунов много не бывает. Подитого 2020года:-)
there are two stuffed animals made to look like children's toys
This Cheerful Knit Monster and His Zippy Doodads Will Have You Smiling For Days … Now With a Pattern! - KnitHacker
a crocheted stuffed animal sitting on top of a white bed sheet next to a box
Knitting, Crochet, Sewing patterns | Ribblr: A home for crafters
a crocheted planter hanging from a wooden branch with succulents in it
Sloth Planter - Crochet Pattern (Beautiful Skills - Crochet Knitting Quilting)
a hand holding up a stuffed animal with black eyes
50 Free Crochet Aesthetic Patterns to help You Rock Your Style - crochet pumpkin - crocheting
the crocheted cactus is being made with yarn
cactus amigurumi