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a cartoon drawing of people standing in front of each other, with the caption
a cartoon with the caption'desole je vous auris ben defendu i miss selon twitter, vois coupable
four different types of people doing different things in the same drawing style, each with their own handwritten caption
a cartoon depicting two people sitting on the ground
a cartoon drawing of people standing in front of each other, with the caption'monstons du covidd quii ne changee pas nostre made de compie de comerie '
a cartoon shows people standing in front of a sign that says pharmmen en coler
a drawing of a living room with an open door
a person sitting on the ground with a dog in their lap and wearing a red sweater
Crise sanitaire et confinement : quelles solutions pour les sans-abris et leurs animaux ?
an older woman wearing animal crossing sweaters
La robe verte d'Elizabeth II valait le détour(nement)
Elizabeth II et sa robe valent le détour(nement) | Le Huffington Post
a man is running down the street in shorts and a t - shirt, with his shadow on the ground
Coronavirus : "trop de promeneurs", estiment des soignants, alors que des Français sortent pour profiter des beaux jours
Un joggeur dans une rue de Paris, le 4 avril 2020.
three street signs pointing in different directions on a metal pole with the words netflix, canape and frigidaire lit
Confinement : les meilleures blagues qui circulent sur la Toile
two cows in the back of a blue truck looking out from under it's bed
Pendant la crise sanitaire, les interminables transports d'animaux vivants continuent...