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chickens and roosters are eating out of a hanging pumpkin shaped lantern in an enclosed area
Try This DIY Hanging Pumpkin Treat
Try This DIY Hanging Pumpkin Treat | Pampered Chicken Mama
a muffin tin filled with corn on top of a counter next to a facebook post
DIY BullsEye
I've been told to make sure the corn is natural, and without most/any preservatives or excessive sodium for the chicken.
two chickens standing next to each other in front of a wall with musical notes on it
Ideas for Toys and Activities to Entertain Your Chickens
Ideas for Toys and Activities to Entertain Your Chickens | Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine
Boredom Buster - Hanging Cabbage
A hanging cabbage is a great way to keep your chickens entertained while giving them a healthy treat! chicken #chickens #farming #hobbyfarming #hobbyfarmingatitsfinest #chickenfarmer #hobbyfarmer #backyardpoultry #backyardchicken #backyardchickens #rooster #roosters #hens #chickentreats #chickencare #cabbageforchickenshanging #hangingcabbageforchickens #cabbage
two chickens standing next to each other in a bowl filled with ice cubes and rocks
Getting chickens to drink in hot weather
an instagramted photo of a red barn with the window open to let in light
Build your own hen house with these tips on what is needed: roosts, ventilation, entries, nesting boxes, and more #chickens #buildingachickencoop
a white chicken coop with a black roof and windows on the top floor is surrounded by trees
Solid hen house doors lift off with the hen house screen doors left on to help keep the hen house breathing to let all the hot air out. #chickens #coop #deeplittermethod
a chicken coop in the backyard with chickens inside and on it's own side
22 Low-Budget DIY Backyard Chicken Coop Plans - HomeDesignInspired
Keeping chicken in the backyard is really fun, as you will always have fresh eggs and cute pets at home. So if you have a little free space, you could consider building a chicken coop, even though you are only having a tiny backyard. We have found a round up of chicken coop designs that [...] #backyardchickenplans #chickenhouse
a close up of a chicken with the words the right way to hold a chicken
The Right Way to Hold & Handle a Chicken
Holding a chicken correctly allows you to examine a chicken easily, keeps them calm and securely supported by their keel, (breast bone) and has the added benefit of keeping the working end of the bird away from you, greatly reducing the change of getting pooped on.
how to build easy - clean nesting boxes for chickens and other small animals in the barn
12+ Irresistible Wood Working Furniture Ideas
How to create a safe, comfortable, and easy to clean nesting box in your chicken coop.
a small white building with a red door in the middle of some trees and grass
Chicken Coops - My Pet Chicken
Backyard Chicken Product: Chicken Coops - Fully Customized Chicken Coop - from My Pet Chicken
the chickens are in their coop under the shade of the tree and on the ground there is a sign that says the caties
DIY Chicken Coop Sign: A Fun and Creative Way to Personalize Your Coop
Recently I gave "the ladies" in my chicken coop a little bit of an update. Check out how to make your own DIY Chicken Coop Sign! FREE cut file too!
an animal in a cage inside of a house with trees and bushes behind it,
a small white chicken coop in the woods
Farmhouse white DIY chicken coop | via