French Learning Philosophy

Learn how to learn French the right - and unboring - way. Talk in French's learning philosophy injects fun into language study and removes the pain in learning…
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a quote that reads, my mind can read and speak french frequently but my mouth won't cooperate
My mind can read and speak French fluently but my mounth won't cooperate 🇫🇷
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a pie with the words reason i learn french in different languages on top of it
What's your reason to learn French? 👇😜
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the words how to be content and learn french fast
How to be consistent and learn French fast? 🇫🇷❤️
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a red sign that says, when to use face, visage or figure in french q & a
When to Use Face, Visage or Figure in French?(Q&A)
What's the difference between French words face, visage, and figure? And when should you use them? Check the differences in this short article:
a blue book cover with yellow lettering that reads, witty french puns take your french to the next level
Witty French puns to further improve your French | Talk in French
Do you know any French puns or calembours? Check out how witty the French can be with this fun list of play on words.
the french phone calls vocabulary is displayed on a pink background with red lettering
100 French Phone Vocabulary and Phrases to Handle Calls Like a Pro
Learn how to make phone calls in French with this list of phone call vocabulary, expressions, and phrases.
there are many different types of macaroons in the box
A Guide to French Food Habits - Talk in French
French food
the french history quiz is shown in front of a blue background with black and white symbols
QUIZ: Are You A Real French History Buff? - Talk in French
How much do you remember about French history? Put your knowledge to the test with this French history quiz :)
an old photo with the words 10 movies essentials before you go paris in white
10 Movies to Watch Before Going to Paris - Talk in French
a yellow book cover with the words french regions quiz written in black on top of it
Quiz: Which Region in France Fits You Perfectly? - Talk in French
Which region in France suits your personality perfectly? Take the new quiz on the Talk in French blog to find out!
the cover of french tenses made easy express past, present and future without using the actual tense
French Tenses Made Easy: Express Past, Present and Future Without Using the Actual Tenses
French Tenses Made Easy: Express Past, Present and Future Without Using the Actual Tenses - Talk in French
how to memorize french vocabulary with these handy hacks and techniques
How to Memorize French Vocabulary
To successfully memorize French vocabulary you’ll need a technique…Here are some amazing tips.
an orange poster with the words please speak more slowly
Parlez plus lentement, s'il vous plaît. - Please speak more slowly. | Get a copy of the most complete French phrasebook here:
the words which are written in different languages on a blue background with red, white and blue stripes
Quiz: Which French Stereotype Are You? - Talk in French
Are you the stereotypical French food snob, the passionate lover, the chic Parisian, or the brooding 'artiste'? Take this personality quiz to find out!
the cover of my french routine with audio
Best Book To Learn French On Your Own - Talk in French Store
The first volume of My French Routine caters to complete beginners and contains a step-by-step guide and everything you need to learn French independently. This e-book effectively mixes grammar lessons with vocabulary, audio guides to boost your listening skills, and enough exercises to guarantee your understanding.