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You don't mess with baby Sam  #tannacoffee #vanuatu #namesake #babysam  Tanna Coffee T-shirt Coffee, Celebrities, Vanuatu, Coffee Board, Coffee Tshirt, Photo And Video, Instagram Photos, Instagram Photo, Instagram Post
You don't mess with baby Sam #tannacoffee #vanuatu #namesake #babysam Tanna Coffee T-shirt
a table topped with coffee beans and a glass filled with orange juice on top of a metal tray
Tanna Coffee postcards have just arrived in Vanuatu. Now you can relax with a cup of coffee and tell someone you love them today. We want to thank Michelle from Vanuatu Beachfront Apartments for creating such beautiful work. — at Tanna Coffee.
a basket filled with lots of different types of items
The Rapaura School Art Auction was held last night and over $27,000 was raised at this fabulous event for this fabulous school. We love to get behind these community events. Congratulations to Anna Dunne who was the lucky winner of the Tanna Farms gift basket...enjoy all your goodies Anna. Enjoy your coffee straight from Tanna Coffee.
an advertisement for the company that makes handmade light work is displayed in front of a white background
This commemorative board says it all! Thank you to the hundreds of people involved in making Vanuatu History! The Chief's speech put the challenge out there explaining that the benchmark has now been set in Vanautu!
a coffee mug with the flag of the country of south africa in red, green and yellow
Vanuatu - Coffee Mug | Zazzle
Vanuatu* Coffee Mug
a blue and red coffee mug with the words tauna on it
Coffee Mugs | Zazzle
VANUATU* Ceramic Coffee Mug
two people walking down a dirt road with a black dog on a leash next to them
Outdoor Physio for Jacob with physio Phoebe Mccubbery on the Tanna Coffee driveway.
a table with coffee beans and other items on it, including an image of a smiling woman
Crazy Domains
Oxfam Shop Tanna Coffee’s richly flavoured Arabica coffee not only provides consumers with a truly unique and natural product - it also ensures that the small scale local farmers of Vanuatu receive a fair price for their produce and grow their product in a long term sustainable manner.
coffee beans and ground coffee in a bag
Tanna Coffee - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)
Photo of Tanna Coffee Roasting Factory. Espresso roast beans,
a chair sitting in front of a display case
#tannacoffee has now been #launched in #Oxfam stores throughout #Australia. This #photo shows the #coffee on the shelves in #Brisbane. We are #thankful to Oxfam and their #supporters for making it #possible. It is #amazing #news following #cyclonepam . #creatingasustainablefuture #vanuatustillsmiles #portvila #tanna #barista #latteart (#thanks Nicole for the photo) #Vanuatu @oxfamaustralia @oxfamnz #organic #fairtrade #ethicalshopping
Coffee Ring for Coffee Lovers - I do, I do, I do love this ring! - Tanna Coffee Coffee Lovers, Coffee Ring, I Love Coffee, Schmuck Design, Silver Rings Handmade, Coffee Love, Sterling Ring, Handmade Silver, Sake
Coffee Ring for Coffee Lovers - I do, I do, I do love this ring! - Tanna Coffee
a pair of slippers with coffee on them
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The Tanna Coffee team would love a pair of these slippers. Cozy and warm.
two coffee mugs are on top of a black stand with the words wake me up
This soap contains Vanuatu’s own #TannaCoffee grinds. Smallholders in Tanna grow their beans in the shadow of Mt Yasur, the world’s most accessible live volcano. The deep, rich soils, abundant sunshine and plentiful rainfall are the very essence of this truly natural, excellent product. And we are proud to blend roasted Tanna Coffee with our own coconut oil to make a soap with all the traits of that first wake up mug.
an open coffee book sitting on top of a table
Press Check: The Specialty Coffee Book Victoria
Press Check: The Specialty Coffee Book Victoria | Tanna Coffee believes this would make a fantastic coffee table book.