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Weekends are great in Vanuatu and Tanna Coffee is open Saturday mornings for your latte or cappuccino hit.
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Dark chocolate TimTams dipped in fresh ground local Vanuatu espresso is my new love language. #AlexSeesTheWorld #TannaCoffee
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Coffee customs from around the world
Ethiopian lady making coffee. So many of us love a cup of coffee – but in how many different ways. From Mexico to Mauritius, the Vatican to Vanuatu, coffee brings people together but also differentiates us as a planet of coffee drinkers. Tanna Coffee was happy to see Vanuatu mentioned in this article.
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Tann Coffee: treat yourself to 100% Arabica Coffee direct from Tanna Island and pair it with sweet and decadent cakes which will compliment the rich aromatic flavours of the coffee. Learn more about the culture that has supported Vanuatu's local farmers for 150 years. Book a guided tour and explore The Factory. Open five days a week, guests can learn about the entire operation as well as purchase some of the choicest Arabica Coffee in the world.
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Happy Birthday Abu Terry from the Tanna Coffee family. May all the replanted coffee trees grow as strong and old as you.
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Oxfam Shop
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Tanna Coffee - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)
Photo of Tanna Coffee Roasting Factory. Coffee can be taken on plane and cruise ships as long as it remains sealed. Great gift to take home.
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#Goodluck to all attending the #Kiwanis #Charity #Race #Day. May your #Horses #run fast and your #drinks stay cold. The #tannacoffee #factory and #cafe will be open this #Saturday and #Sunday to welcome the passengers from #pacificdawn who are spending the night in #portvila, #Vanuatu for the #amazing #horseracing #event. #tanna #barista #latteart #icecoffee #creatingasustainablefuture #organic #fairtrade #vanuatustillsmiles #coffee #coffeeaddict
a bag of coffee sitting on top of a white table
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Coffee Beans | Fair Trade Coffee | Organic Coffee Tanna Coffee now available in Oxfam stores throughout Australia. Enjoy your coffee.
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This soap contains Vanuatu’s own #TannaCoffee grinds. Smallholders in Tanna grow their beans in the shadow of Mt Yasur, the world’s most accessible live volcano. The deep, rich soils, abundant sunshine and plentiful rainfall are the very essence of this truly natural, excellent product. And we are proud to blend roasted Tanna Coffee with our own coconut oil to make a soap with all the traits of that first wake up mug.
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Removing fallen trees. The resilience of the coffee farmers has been amazing. The Tanna Coffee industry has seen the Clearance, Pruning and Replanting Program supported by Tanna Coffee, TAFEA province, United Nations DP and the Department of Agriculture work extremely hard for the past 6 weeks.
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Tanna Coffee always makes the perfect gift!
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Minions welcome here at Tanna Coffee :)
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50 Coffee Quotes for the Caffeine-Obsessed
Tanna Coffee is always a good idea!
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S'mores Coffee Milkshake
S'mores Coffee Milkshake: One we are going to try and make at the Tanna Coffee factory :)