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#Barista Ralpha is getting ready to #welcome #pacificaria a #beautiful #cruiseship that is visiting #vanuatu this #weekend. He has made a #delicious #tannacoffee #cappucino and practising his #latteart. Our opening hours today the 12th of #December is 8am - 5pm and #Sunday the 13th 8am - 2:30pm. We #hope you like our #christmas #coffeetree decorated in our #factory as we gett ready to #celebrate. #portvila #Tanna #fairtrade #organic #creatingasistainablefuture #christmastree #coffeeroaster #...
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A lovely visit from our friend Benson, from @tannacoffee , #vanuatu! #Tanna #tannacoffee #bula #bulaccino #BulaccinoFiji #instapic #friends #cafefriends #fijicafe #cafefiji #coffee
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A lovely visit from our friend Benson, from @tannacoffee , #vanuatu! #Tanna #tannacoffee #bula #bulaccino #BulaccinoFiji #instapic #friends #cafefriends #fijicafe #cafefiji #coffee
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#tannacoffee currently available at the 3rd MSG trade fair held this year in #Noumea, #newcaledonia. We will be at the #Maison des #Artisans until 5pm today right next to the visiting #cruiseship #carnivalspirit so we #hope you make time to come and see us #today. #Ambassador Roy Mickey Joy and #Vanuatu's #Minister of #Finance Willie Jimmy Tabangararua showed their #support and stopped in for a #coffee. #Vanuatu #Tanna #barista #latteart #creatingasistainablefuture
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Long wait for Vanuatu coffee farmers
Coffee farmers on the island of Tanna whose crops were destroyed by Cyclone Pam in March are facing a long wait till their next crop is ready for harvest. A joint intiative completed in August by UNDP, Vanuatu's agriculture and provincial authorities and Tanna Coffee aimed to help revive the industry by providing clearing and pruning assistance to badly damaged coffee farms all over the island.
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Coffee customs from around the world
Ethiopian lady making coffee The birthplace of coffee. So many of us love a cup of coffee – but in how many different ways. From Mexico to Mauritius, the Vatican to Vanuatu, coffee brings people together but also differentiates us as a planet of coffee drinkers. Tanna Coffee was happy to see Vanuatu mentioned in this article.
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Amazing work by the Sharm Foundation providing books and sport equipment to the Fatukai School on Tanna that was badly damaged by Cyclone Pam. The community is facing recent crop failures and Nambas Jacob Samuel is proud to help get these cartons to the school. Thank you to all who made this possible from the entire Tanna Coffee family. Thanks Stuart Friend for the photo.
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Big morning here at Tanna Coffee as we have prepared packets of coffee ready to board the amazing Pacific Dawn, Pacific Jewel, Pacific Pearl, Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden. The lucky passengers on P & O can now buy freshly roasted coffee while enjoying their cruise. We are thankful for the ongoing support following Cyclone Pam. Carnival Cruise Line Australia
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Tanna Coffee postcards have just arrived in Vanuatu. Now you can relax with a cup of coffee and tell someone you love them today. We want to thank Michelle from Vanuatu Beachfront Apartments for creating such beautiful work. — at Tanna Coffee.
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Happy Halloween weekend everyone. Tomorrow the 31st of October 2015 our factory and cafe will close early at 12:30pm so that the entire Tanna Coffee team based in Port Vila will get to see the Tanna Movie for the first time. Many Yakel villagers are coffee farmers and we are looking forward to supporting their film.
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To the woman who gave us $20 with the wish that it would be spent on food for people struggling following the cyclone, drought and recent crop failures we wanted you to know we were able to buy four chickens. These chickens will be on Tanna today and taken to a village that lost their coffee trees and vegetable gardens. Thank you so much for your support and hope to see you at Tanna Coffee again soon.
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This week we had a surprise visit from a team member from Oxfam Australia and were given a bag full of Organic and Fairtrade chocolate and tea. Thank you Oxfam for your support and this amazing gift that we are all still enjoying. Tanna Coffee is available in Oxfam stores throughout Australia and we are currently getting ready for the next order. — at Tanna Coffee.
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The Rapaura School Art Auction was held last night and over $27,000 was raised at this fabulous event for this fabulous school. We love to get behind these community events. Congratulations to Anna Dunne who was the lucky winner of the Tanna Farms gift basket...enjoy all your goodies Anna. Enjoy your coffee straight from Tanna Coffee.
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Tuhu Secondary School on Tanna is still using Unicef Tents as classrooms following the destruction caused by Cyclone Pam. This week the Tanna Coffee community thank Gay Hooper and her friends at the Catholic Regional College in Caroline Springs for sending much needed books and stationary. Vanuatu.
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#Thankyou to the #pacificdawn passengers and all #amazing customers who became #volunteer #firefighters while visiting #tannacoffee today. We are #grateful to everyone who carted water through thick smoke and we #hope you got a chance to #enjoy your #coffee. #Vanuatu #portvila #tanna #barista #latteart #organic #fairtrade @carnivalausnews @ozcruising