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an image of a cat on the back of a chair made out of knitting yarn
jonathan zawada
I need a guide: jonathan zawada
a painting of a black cat walking in the snow with its eyes wide open and glowing
Ghostly Watercolor and Ink Cats Bleeding into the Canvas — Colossal
Ghostly Watercolor and Ink Cats Bleeding into the Canvas
three coffee cups with cats sitting in them
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Wichtigste Person markiert #anime #manga #otaku #genji #kitsune #kitsunemask #sister
a black and white photo of a cat playing with a bird on its back legs
Toshiyuki Enoki (1961-present, Japanese) at The Great Cat
Toshiyuki Enoki, Cat Playing, Watercolor
a woman standing on top of a mountain under a cloudy sky
dragon chinese ink art - Google Search China Art, Chinese Ink, Fish Art, China Ink, Chinese Painting, Chinese Art, Japan Art, Chinese Brush
dragon chinese ink art - Google Search
the trees are covered in fog and birds fly overhead
Scenery in Suibokuga (Sumi-e)
a painting of a rooster with black and red feathers on it's head, standing in front of a white background
a bunch of cats that are in the middle of an image with words on it
I find this to bs super cute, I love how the ink is becoming the cat, the relationship between the cats and the ink is somewhat funny. For the cats like the ink can look good, but with one slip they can both make huge messes.
two black and white koi fish swimming in the water
a black bird with an orange ball in its beak
Eric Hynynen, "STRANGE FRUIT". - Bukowskis
Eric Hynynen - Strange Fruit