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Shine on your Crazy Diamond! Here is to hoping every time you use this type, you are fearlessly bold! Its voluptuous with a fun texture on the edges. Includes two fonts and a matching set of groovy illustrations - to create t-shirts and logos
Aaaaaw, its just cute (not cuter than my cat, though). Its a nice font with a set of nice pictures included! Some cool memories of me falling in love with Cartoon Network. With this kit, youll get both cases, numerals, and fun stickers. Unleash the crazy text!
Gyanko is a one-of-a-kind display from Molenilo Design. Its a charming font with tight and equal side bearing, bold weight, and rhyme! Comes with a Regular and Stencil version. Gyanko also includes alternates, so you can have more options when using the interlock feature.

Crazy fonts

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An eye-catching magazine cover or a digital design project? Whatever youre creating right now, this font will come in handy for you. Despite its complicated name, the type looks simple and neat, so it will fit well with any art. It comes with upper and lowercase characters, numbers and symbol set.
The Copper font is the typography for those who like edgy, bold art. Sharp upper and lowercase provided in this lettering will make your design stand out and youll surely resort to working with it! The font comes in OTF and TTF.
Neon Led Light is the font that designers should have in the toolbox! It provides upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbol set and comes in OTF. Its versatility allows the font to be the main point of the design or just a beautiful part of it, not stealing the focus.

80s fonts

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College fonts arent the synonym of strictness. This types carefree look makes you almost forget that youre staring at a monitor and not on the beach. The font family includes 9 weights, so you have plenty of possibilities with this lettering! Create an outstanding logo or an eye-catching layout - its up to you.
Among all the college fonts, this one has become a real classic. Welcome College Dropout - a typeface that fully embraces the university vibe. It is an ideal example of a typography style that suits print and digital projects, such as a logo, poster or website layout. Feel free to use it for any creative goal you have!
Lowercase characters, alternate glyphs, basic accents, multiple typeface formats all these incredible features are waiting for you in Enforcer. Though it was inspired by sport style, the lettering is versatile and can be used for many projects of yours. Just download the type and add it to your artwork!

College fonts

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It comes with multilingual support and ligatures and delivers confident, intricate strokes with beautiful swashes. As a bonus, the package includes 11 objects, 6 pre-made designs, and 10 badges thatll enhance your creations even more.
The robust and sturdy appearance is enhanced by its sharp corners and chiseled edges, commanding attention and exuding confidence, while its condensed form allows for a compact layout that is perfect for impactful headlines and signage. The fonts weathered look makes it suitable for vintage designs, too. Embrace its no-nonsense attitude in posters, logotypes, book covers, and more.
The pack boasts an impressive range of styles - from regular and slim to gothic and outline. Each of the fonts offers uppercase letters, numerals, special symbols, and multilingual support. On top of that, the gothic variations include lowercase characters. The decorative extras add a touch of whimsy to the fonts and serve as perfect embellishments for any design.

Mexican fonts

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Introducing Gafiton. A reverse contrast bold font suitable for display especially. Perfect for your daily project like for headline poster, packaging, social media, branding, or anything about pop and fun design. It also has 4 variations in the form of regular, rounded, outline, and rounded outline styles. Have fun
Peachy is one of sunny and warm outline fonts. Come on, its spring, so grab Peachy and use it to the maximum. It comes in 4 different styles - 3D solid and outline, as well as 2D ones. The kit includes uppercase letters with punctuation and numerals. It will become a nice addition to your toolbox.
Exodar is an unique outline font, thats for sure. It comes in straight, geometric lines and will make you design literally stellar. Exodar is perfect for futuristic and sci-fi designs, maybe space exhibition logos and posters, I clearly see it in some kind of a public NASA project. Multilingual support for upper and lowercase letter are at your service.

Outline fonts

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If you are looking for letters with attitude, Vertikal is the perfect fit. Its a memorable, strong, and elegant typeface, suitable for sports designs. You can mix and match the Outline and the Regular styles to create something very fresh and modern. The Brush Script is the bad boy of the collection but still very classy.
Ridgeline 201 is a striking sports font offering a sense of speed and strength. By looking at it, you can almost feel the team spirit. The clarity and legibility of this athletic typeface ensure that it remains effective even in small sizes. Overall, it is a standout choice for designers looking to inject energy and excitement into their projects.
Gogym is a versatile sports font ready for any athletic designs you have in mind. Here, the letters are thick and slightly condensed, with sharp edges and corners that give the typeface a powerful appearance. The package includes uppercase characters, numbers, and punctuation.

Sports fonts

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Garyford font is designed with attention to detail. Incredibly versatile with a wide range of swashes and ligatures, there are also many alternates for some letters, so why not take advantage of it? This font comes in OTF and TTF formats, so its easy to use literally everywhere and in any way you like.
Dollar stencil font is designed with a reference to crispy banknotes. With the straight and simple lines, you can create a gutsy design that will help you stand out. Its an all-caps font with all numerals included.
Up to this point, Ive only shown you fonts of old as the world itself bucks, but what about the modern times? This fonts name speaks for it. All of us have a credit card we have all seen this typeface. Its thin, nice, and neat. Good for any design project. Its an all-caps font with all numerals included.

Money fonts

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The classic example of Celtic fonts. Featuring the intricate and highly decorative designs found in the traditional artwork of the Celts, this typeface exudes boldness and strength, with a nod to the rich heritage of Ireland. It is available in a single style and includes uppercase and lowercase characters. Use it not only for Celtic-style projects but for anything that requires a historical touch.
This is a clean insular font featuring distinct lettering of the traditional Irish newspapers. More specifically, it is inspired by the old Irish manuscript in the Bodleian Library, Oxford which contains the legendary history of Ireland and genealogies. Like most typefaces, it includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and special characters.
Influenced by insular scripts, Gourdie features rounded characters with simple serifs and looks calligraphic. Like many medieval fonts, it has a classic and timeless feel. The strokes are consistent, and the spacing is quite condensed which adds to its concise yet striking appearance. Keep in mind that the typeface only includes the Basic Latin alphabet.

Irish fonts

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Welcome this friendly font to your collection! Gingo Kids offers cute colorful letters in four different weights - Regular, Thin, Regular Rough, and Thin Rough - for you to try. It is perfect for logo design, greeting cards, packaging, etc.
Thickets square letters dont stop it from being one of the coolest friendly fonts. It includes the all caps alphabet and letters in regular and italic versions that can be used for branding, logo, poster design, and so much more.
If youre looking for friendly fonts with a retro feel, this one is for you. Little Bird is an example of vintage typography thatll add a sophisticated yet playful feel to whatever you design. Use it for a catchy logo, album covers, editorial projects, and more.

Friendly fonts

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This old-school font says everything with its distinctive style. I think it`s good not only for sports jerseys or sports teams projects but for almost anything. Apparel, headlines, maybe a logo just choose what you need and this typeface will serve you well. It comes with a ligature set and some alternates for lowercase characters. And, of course, it features multilingual support.
Los Angeles distinctive shotgun style street signs were last produced over sixty years ago, but these durable porcelain and steel signs are still in use all over the city, by both humans and birds, who like to build their nests between the panels. The Beachwood font faithfully captures the look of these vintage signs with a new matching lowercase. In addition to numbers based on the street signs, Beachwood includes four alternate number sets based on the jersey styles of Los Angeles pro f...
Cut from the foundations of athletic block fonts and industrial typography, Redwings machined aesthetic & heavy-duty construction gives it the decisive tone ideal for key messaging and headlines. Its bold form and unapologetic angles demand attention and deliver with confidence on and off the field of competition. Featuring classic proportions, restrained stroke contrast, and subtle ink traps, Redwing integrates modern details while preserving a timeless appeal.

Jersey fonts

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The font supports multiple languages, comes in a single regular style, and includes only capital letters, numbers, and basic punctuation.
Squid Junkie is a playful psychedelic font with vintage vibes thatll make any design funky and fun. With its versatile range of styles, including regular, light, and bold weights, each with its own italic counterpart, this font is designed to meet the needs of designers of all levels. It is also available as an outlined version giving you even more freedom. It covers all Latin-based languages and includes any characters you might need, plus ligatures and alternates.
Binoe Keriand is a clean psychedelic font that is no short of elegance. Offering a bold look combined with sleek curves, it comes with uppercase and lowercase letters plus alternates, punctuation, numbers, and special characters including diacritical marks, which means its suitable for multiple languages. The font works in both large and small sizes so you can use it for a wide range of projects from product packaging to poster design.

Psychedelic fonts

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Maybe it`s just me being me, but I clearly see it as a pirate font. The font is made with a reference to ancient calligraphy and is well suited for some wine or cosmetic brand or maybe for the signboard of a French cafe. The lines are very soft and sexy. Angeles Rough font is available in regular, italic, and bold weights in both upper & lower cases, with 270 glyphs.
Bandidas is a vintage western-styled label type. The font includes five variations (base, effects, full, shadow, and texture) plus aged version. This type will look great on any retro-designed stuff like a poster, a t-shirt, a label, logo, etc. Uppercase & lowercase characters are included as well as numerals and punctuation.
Handwritten, with a variety of characters (uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and punctuation), it can be a beautiful addition to a font library or a central element of a composition that attracts and pleases attention. The only thing you need to carry with you is what you are going to use it for. Will it be printed on a backpack, a greeting card, or a paper bag in a glamorous boutique? Up to you!

Gangster fonts

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Choosing the right font for your business documents or branding, youre likely to stumble upon Playfair. The design of this typeface lends itself to the late 18th century, and while it is not a revival of any particular design, it takes influence from the typographic style of John Baskerville. Being a display (large-size font type), Playfair can accompany Georgia for body text. This is the main family, with a sibling Playfair Display SC small caps family. The main family files include a full ...
If you cant help admiring the classic Swiss style and want even more business fonts of a kind to your collection, you are in the right place. Meet Exensa Grotesk, a premium sans serif created with respect for classic typographic traditions. Its one of the most beautiful fonts on the list: clean, geometric, versatile, legible, and easy to use. Exensa Grotesk features 5 weights (light, regular, bold, extra bold, and black). The pack includes OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts (EOT, SVG, WOFF). The right...
Roboto has a dual nature. It has a mechanical skeleton and geometric forms. At the same time, this legendary business font features friendly and open curves. While some grotesques distort their letterforms to force a rigid rhythm, Roboto doesnt compromise, allowing letters to be settled into their natural width. Thanks to that, Roboto can be used even in body text. This regular family can be used alongside the Roboto Condensed family and the Roboto Slab family.

Professional fonts

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Uniting the classic touch of Greece and its vintage alphabet with modern digital English letters, brought straight from an epic movie titles, here you get a fresh take on designer typefaces. This is an ideal font for those, who want to embrace the cultural heritage and incorporate it into a modern life vision. Multilanguage support, various symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters - these tools will provide a variety of digital products and projects such as logo design, icons, posters, book c...
Burowai is an ancient font style. It is inspired by ancient Greek letters and tribal ornaments. This ethnic font was created by the shapes of tree branches and combined with rough strokes such as ancient symbols inscribed in caves. Perfect for the natural theme, folk, tribal, children, adventures, and social movement. Burowai is a display font representing brave, spirits, nature, and tradition. Perfect for the headline, logo, books, poster, signage, and more. Mix and match the alternates char...
Dalek Pinpoint is a clean and precise version of K-Types distressed Dalek typeface, a small caps face with overtones of Greek, Phoenician, and Runic alphabets, based on Dalek comic book lettering from the 1960s. The Bold weight is free for personal use. The font contains a full complement of Latin Extended-A characters.

Greek fonts

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Urbani is the result of a mix of Neohumanist and Neogrotesque types. The slight narrowness of its proportions makes it interesting for composing extensive blocks of text. With the slightly superior height of its ascenders, the broader proportions of its counter-forms, and the addition of ink traps at certain stroke intersections, every aspect of URBANIs block letter font was conceived with reading in mind.
The block font looks familiar, right? Its a purely IBM logo-inspired prominent typeface brought from the 1960s, designed specifically to make that retro allusion. With a polished touch to characters, this sans serif true type will look ideally in reserved, minimalist designs, not even regaled to retro and old-school themes. Try the download out for free to see whether it fulfills any of your creative needs for modern design.
Soaked in Art Deco vibes with a little steampunk odor, Color Block font is a true typographic masterpiece. The structure is made of composed visual pieces, not overloading the visuals but ameliorating them significantly. A sophisticated take on lettering would be a beneficial graphic design tool for a magazine cover (as both printed press and showcasing intended), branding, stationery, and poster design.

Block fonts

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Your collection of sans serif fonts needs refreshment, and Im here to save you time! Introducing UrbanChrome SVG Family. It reminds of the 80s multimedia era typographic like the old VHS cassette package design. These modern fonts will be a perfect choice for movie titles, party flyers, posters or action-style advertisements.
The soft curves and elegant shapes of Yeseva One modern font will come in handy for designers who craft feminine artworks. You can use it for cosmetics packaging, fragrance shop flyers or create an exquisite headline for your blog. The typeface includes upper and lowercase character sets, numbers and symbols.
Acma is a modern font with powerful elegance. It is ultimately precise and subtle yet remains flowy and temperamental. The design is reminiscent of the Japanese modernist aesthetic as well as the fashion world. Acma comes in 10 weights with a variable cut for maximum versatility. Its up to you how to use it, the type will suit any artwork.

Modern fonts

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This blackletter font stands out from other medieval fonts by its sleek and intricate design. Each character got its unique voice, so that can create very versatile designs. This font comes in TTF format and includes upper and lower case characters, punctuation, numerals, as well as multilingual support. That makes the font perfect for creating greeting cards, invitations, labels, posters, branding, and packaging designs.
Por Siempre Gtica like many other medieval fonts is inspired by gothic scrips. What distinct it is its nice legibility. Also, it comes with multilingual characters in addition to the basic set of glyphs. Its clean but authentic lettering style will help you create stunning medieval style designs such as logotypes, headlines, posters, covers, and many more. It offers beautiful typographic harmony for a diversity of design projects.
Augusta is not just a medieval font its a gothic display sans serif type. This gothic font looks a lot like handwritten lettering with a curvy and elaborate shape. Its an ideal choice for headings, logotypes, packaging, branding, and advertisement. The set is packed with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, and supports multilingual glyphs. Augusta comes in 2 variations: regular and shadow which will pair nicely with almost any secondary serif or sans-serif.

Medieval fonts

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Having trustworthy fonts in your toolbox is a reassuring feeling! If you are just starting your collection or want to expand it, Gecko Lunch is a number one candidate. It is a perfectly legible font that will be great for both big and small texts. Gecko Lunch comes with upper and lowercase letters.
Retro designs give off a romantic vibe many artists want to recreate. If thats your creative goal right now, download this groovy font! With its handwritten feeling, the type will give your graphics a personal touch. It will be an amazing choice for greeting cards, wedding invitations, posters and blog posts.
Arm yourself in advance by downloading a groovy font! Due to its versatility, Boldblaster will suit any concept of your posters, branding designs, magazines, movie titles and any other artwork you may think of. It provides uppercase and lowercase characters, symbols, punctuation, alternates and much more.

Groovy fonts

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The modern newspaper fonts allow you to create truly stunning works that will be both attractive and memorable, so it is important to have a couple of such tools. In case you want to add something fresh to your collection, check out the News of the World type. The display font comes in 4 different styles in order to give your works some variety: try regular in all caps for an eye-catching headline or title and wide italic version for a company logo and see how magical and hypnotizing the resu...
Whether you are working on a headline that needs to grab the audiences attention at the first sight or crafting an ad poster, Deutschlander newspaper font is what you need to finish up your work. It is bold, attractive and eye-catching, so there is no a single chance your clients will stay indifferent! The type allows you to type any text in your design as it includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks and symbols. Get your work a feeling of real newspapers!
Looking for some new newspaper fonts for your project? Heliuk is a condensed type that has a strong but soft character with a cheerful and fresh feel. It includes 4 font styles to give you the possibility to create a perfect combination. The Heliuks weight is superior in posters, headlines, magazine titles, clothing, large print formats and wherever you want to see it. Whats even more interesting you get a very cool free vector bonus.

Newspaper fonts

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Retrofunk was inspired by the retro design of 70s fonts. The set includes script and serif that will form a great combination for creating logostypes, signboards, or advertisements. It is PUA-encoded and contains lots of alternate characters. With such a toolbox youll be able to create almost any design you need, from web banners to book covers.
Funkies is a bold retro script font, that is inspired by posters and album covers from the 70s. Mix well funk, disco, and rockabilly, and youll get the Funkie font as a result. It comes with OpenType features, such as stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, swashes, and ligatures. So this font is the best choice for funky logotypes, branding and identity design, labels, t-shirt prints, and many more.
Your Groovy Font is a retro typeface that will make your design stand out of a crowd. It exudes the funky vibes of the 70s era, therefore will be suitable to emphasize the 70s vibe in everything that you write. Will be good for retro posters, merchandise, movie titles, beach restaurant menu, labels, stickers, flyers, and so on.

70s fonts

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Poked is a playful and cute fun font. It embodies joy and authenticity and is the perfect choice for any children-themed activity or project. Although the typography is traditional, the basic elements are great the set includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation marks, as well as ligatures, and multilingual support. The Poked font is a great choice to cheer up your project and create a spectacular design in packaging, stationery, magazines, headlines, apparel, etc.
Set your imagination free with Wonder Night - a fancy display font inspired by magical storybooks and horror-fantasy movies. It was created with very bouncy letterforms and turned into a readable typeface. Wonder Night is an all-caps display fun font that is easy to play with. Also, youll find the font equipped with alternates, stars, and moons as decoration elements to get a more beautiful design. Wonder Night is suitable for childrens merchandise, books, logos, T-shirts, titles, quotes, a...
Blobby Chug is a kids fun font full of bubbly energy. The bold and balloon playful sans-serif shape will bring a lot of joy to kids hearts. This font comes in OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats with basic Latin upper and lower case alphabet, numbers, and punctuation. Suit perfect for kids market, online games, stationary, t-shirt and school supplies, posters, titles, youtube thumbnails, social media, and many more. Happy designing!

Fun fonts

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Getting Hawaiian fonts will help you out in many creative design projects. They look attractive on posters, flyers, t-shirts, greeting cards and as an element of the clothes designs. If you dont want to spend much time looking for a versatile font, download Lanai! Its a whole type family, that includes 6 styles: sharp, oblique, regular, bold, bold sharp and bold oblique. As a nice bonus, you will get 2 brushes and illustration assets in the pack that make a perfect combination. Enjoy your c...
Histories has been inspired by the shape of the letters displayed on the cover of fairy tale books or animated film covers. The stylistic combination of this fun font is reflected in the lowercase set which allows to open up a spectrum of possible uses. Basic calligraphy represents a solid basis for the development of lowercase glyphs, ensuring proper interaction with uppercase letters made in calligraphy style. Histories features ligatures and glyphs that combine the playful structure with a...
Forbidden Isle plays on the retro Hawaiian fonts of the 70s, brought into the modern times with a cleaner, bold look and wood texture. Images are conjured up of bamboo bars, grass skirts, and eclectic mugs. This hand-drawn, sans serif font was created to express the love for all tropical things. Forbidden Isle pairs well with both serif and sans serif fonts and is perfectly suited to add life to your next illustration, invitation, product, and more. It includes a letter set, numbers and symbo...

Hawaii fonts

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Bold letters of Space Crow font will give your unique design a futuristic look! Just taking a look at them will give you a boost of inspiration. And you wont regret adding this type to your artwork, as it will complement your futuristic style perfectly. The font comes in OTF and provides you with a letter set, numbers and symbols.
Avapore is proof that space fonts can be versatile enough to suit any concept, from posh to futuristic. The type has an eye-catching letter set, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols so you wont need to look for any matching space elements - they are already here! Use Avapore for posters, headers, invitations, greeting cards or any unique design to see how hypnotizing it is.
Its time to add some new space fonts to your collection! Prospec is a modern, exquisite type. It will be ideal for web designs, business cards, or just any art project that requires a unique touch and mysterious vibe. With a sophisticated concept and smooth shapes it will add a spark to your works, so dont hesitate to download this font.

Space fonts

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Introducing a Procreate font for those of you who cant help but get back to using handwritten font over and over again. This script with a whole standard letter set will become an integral part of your logos, posters, invitations and cards once you download it. The nice bonus is that the script font is free for personal use!
Bird House Script is a handwritten font designed with markers. This Procreate font is perfect for branding, signature, and much more, just dont limit yourself! It includes uppercase and lowercase standard character sets, punctuation marks and multiple language support, so there is literally nothing you cant create with this handwriting font.
Here is a perfect Procreate font for all the calligraphy lovers out there! Autumn in November is a cursive typeface that is great for greeting cards, wedding invitations, and any other Procreate designs. It includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks, so you will be fully packed with this one!

Procreate fonts

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Little magic will never hurt anybody. So add it to your creative designs! It is especially suitable for Halloween projects, so wait no more and download the Halloween Nightmare font. The creepy type is a perfect choice if you want to add your art piece a mysterious vibe. It includes standard characters, meaning you will be able to bring all your art ideas to life. You can use it for headlines or whole texts, both digital and printed: clothes, invitations, posters, flyers, greeting cards and a...
Taking inspiration from scary fonts of horror movie posters, Mustkill Font was created to become a part of Halloween designs. It comes in rough and uppercase style, so you can choose what suits your concept the most. Mustkill gives off a scary vibe that is similar to the feeling you get after having a nightmare. Its perfect for a poster, branding design, cool logo, book cover, or any other Halloween-based art project. The font includes over 200 glyphs, numerals, punctuation marks, alternates...
The fright this font strikes can be only compared with the fear caused by Freddie Krueger. And thats exactly what you need for your Halloween designs! It will be a perfect choice for clothes, invitations, greeting cards, social media posts and layouts or any other digital or printed artwork you want to have a spooky vibe. This Halloween-themed font consists of lower and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols - everything you need to craft an outstanding piece of art. The question is, wont y...

Halloween fonts

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