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PreK activities your child will love! At home learning and exploration ideas for toddlers and preschool. Work on letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and more…
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a bubble ball sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says magic bubble solution
Magic Bubble Solution
How to make a magic bubble solution for summer! This easy DIY bubble mix makes the best bubbles. They are practically unpoppable! In fact, you can make double bubbles with them! Learn how to use at home items that are in your kitchen to make an incredible bubble solution your kids will want to play with all summer long. Great sensory learning for preschool, toddlers, kids of all ages. Plus get the scientific explanation for how bubble mix works! Hands on STEM challenge and science experiment with bubbles!
the sun screen painting science art project is an easy and fun way to learn how to paint
Sunscreen Painting (Science Art Project)
Sunscreen painting! This is the summer art hack you need. Learn how to paint without needing any paints, just the sun and some sunscreen! This process art project is amazing for summer. Watch the paint disappear and the image reappear as if by magic! Great for preschool and prek, at home or in the classroom. Plus get the scientific explanation for how sunscreen works. Hands on tactile STEAM activity your kids will adore. Summer STEM challenge, summer STEAM project.
Text: Easy DIY Number Game! Number Sense for PreK
Top Picture: paper towel tube and sheet of dot stickers
Bottom Picture: paper towel roll with numbers written on it, numbers written on dot stickers, several of the stickers matched to the numbers on the tube. Number Games, Pre K, Number Games For Toddlers, Learning Games For Toddlers, Games For Toddlers, Math Games, Easy Learning Games, Games For Kids
DIY Number Sense Game for PreK!
How to make an easy DIY number sense game! This is the easiest homemade math game. Kids love it. You just need a paper towel roll and stickers! Boost counting skills, number sense, and fine motor skills with one super simple game. Perfect for preschool and preK, try this at home or in the preschool classroom. Plus learn how to customize this learning game for any theme! (Colors, letters, sight words, it all works!) Easy number sense game you can make in less than 2 minutes.
Text: PreK Science Experiment Walking Water
Picture: cups filled with colored water, strips of paper towels connect the cups letting the water walk from one cup to the other. Action, Water Science Experiments, Walking Water Experiment, Science Activities, Easy Science Experiments, Tactile Learning
Walking Water Science Experiment for PreK
How to do the walking water experiment! This fun and easy science experiment for prek and preschool is super simple but wows every time. Learn about capillary action and color mixing in a beautiful way that seems like magic. Hands on tactile learning for science activities at home or in the preschool classroom. This is a classic for a reason: Learn about the color wheel, work on the scientific method, and love to learn with this rainbow experiment. Must do STEM activity!
Text: Free Printable Color By Number for Pre-K! Boost Number Sense and Fine Motor Skills
Picture: Close up of color by number with crayons Pre School, Learning, Kids, Colouring Pages, Coloring For Kids, Pre K Activities, Preschool
Free Color By Number Printables for PreK!
Get free color by number printables perfect for PreK and preschool! Work on number sense, fine motor skills, color recognition, self regulation and more with simple coloring. Plus learn 7 big reasons why coloring is so important for kids and childhood development. Great for at home or in the classroom, these printables are easy and kids love them! Coloring pages you can get now, love it! Free printable coloring pages with numbers.
Text: 30+ STEM Activities for PreK
Pictures: Collection of activities found in the post, including rain cloud jar, cleaning pennies with ketchup, DIY model spine, popsicle stick catapult, capillary action flowers, lemon juice invisible ink, at home fireworks, tornado in a bottle, raising water science experiment, water cycle bag, color-changing slime. Activities For 5 Year Olds, Science Experiments For Preschoolers, Stem Projects, Activities For Boys, Science Projects For Kids, Preschool Activities At Home, Kids Stem Activities
PreK STEM Activities!
30+ PreK STEM Activities! These are must do science experiments and STEM projects for 4 year olds and 5 year olds. Learn why STEM is so important at the preK age, what these preschool kids are learning, and get the best activities to try. Tactile, hands-on learning and sensory learning ideas kids love. Perfect for the preschool classroom or PreK at home. Low mess, low prep science and STEM challenges perfect for any theme.
50 Halloween Crafts for Preschool and Toddlers! Fun, easy to make DIY Halloween art and craft activities for kids. Make cute handprint or footprint ghosts, bat crafts, pumpkin crafts, ghost crafts, monster crafts, mummy crafts, and more! All easy, all fun. Perfect for toddler, preschool, or kindergarten! Halloween crafts for kids. #halloweencrafts #ghostcrafts #pumpkincrafts #witchcrafts #batcrafts #blackcats Footprint Ghosts, Bat Crafts, Diy Halloween Art, Halloween Spider Craft, Kindergarten Halloween, Spider Web Craft, Holiday Science, Prek Activities, Educational Toddler Activities
50+ Halloween Crafts for preschool and toddlers
50 Halloween Crafts for Preschool and Toddlers! Fun, easy to make DIY Halloween art and craft activities for kids. Make cute handprint or footprint ghosts, bat crafts, pumpkin crafts, ghost crafts, monster crafts, mummy crafts, and more! All easy, all fun. Perfect for toddler, preschool, or kindergarten! Halloween crafts for kids. #halloweencrafts #ghostcrafts #pumpkincrafts #witchcrafts #batcrafts #blackcats
the dinosaur skeleton is made out of black paper and green text reads fun and easy toddler craft dinosaur skeleton
Dinosaur Craft: Easy Dino Skeleton
Looking for a fun Dinosaur craft you can make with your toddler or preschooler? Check out this incredibly easy and fun Dino craft! Upcycle Q-Tips craft in a fun new way. Try this easy Dinosaur skeleton craft. This is an easy dinosaur craft for preschooler or toddler. Plus get more fun dinosaur crafts and activities kids love. Dinosaur activities for kids. #qtipcraft #dinosaurcraft #dinosauractivities #dinoactivities #dinocraft
an easy ghost learning game for toddlers to play with marshmallows and glue
Toddler Halloween Learning Activities: Ghost Craft for Kids!
Make a super easy DIY Halloween learning craft for toddlers or preschool! These adorable fluffy ghosts help work letter recognition and number sense while making fun process art. This fun Halloween craft idea is great for two year old toddlers through preschool! You can even make it at your at-home Halloween party! Ghost craft for toddlers. Halloween learning activities. #toddlerhalloween #ghostcraft #learningactivities #halloweencraft #halloweenlearning
a paper towel with numbers on it next to a roll of tape and a game
Paper Towel Tube Number Matching Game: Upcycled Learning Activity
How to make a DIY paper towel tube number matching game! This is an easy and fun upcycled learning activities for toddlers and preschool. Work number sense and fine motor skills while your child does independent play! Paper towel tube learning activity for kids. Number sense activities for kids. Recycled toys. #numbersense #papertowelrollcraft #upcycledcraft #learningactivity #mathgames
a bag filled with gummy bears sitting on top of a white table next to a sign
Mess Free Sensory Play for Toddlers and Preschool
Want to be the fun mom? Tired of cleaning up messes though? Mess-Free simple DIY sensory play activities are perfect for toddlers or preschool! Learn the benefits of sensory play and get ideas on how to be a fun mom you always wanted to be! (All without making a mess !) How to be a fun mom. Sensory play ideas. Mess free sensory play. #sensoryplay #sensoryactivities #funmomideas #momtips #momgoals
scissors, paper and other crafting supplies with text that reads scissor skill activities
Cutting Activities - Free Printable Scissor Games for Preschool and Toddler
Free printable cutting activities for preschool and toddlers! Get these fun and free scissor skill ideas plus free worksheets to build fine motor skills and practice cutting. All super safe for little fingers. Plus tips on why scissor skills are so important. Free printable cutting worksheets. Scissor safety. #cuttingactivities #freeprintables #scissorskills #preschoollearning #toddlerlearning
DIY Number Matching for Toddlers (Easy recycled activity)
Need a great math activity? Try this DIY Number Match game to get kids excited! A great toddler math activity; number sense activity for toddlers and preschool. Use a paper towel roll and stickers to make an interactive upcycled learning activity. Match numbers and practice counting. Perfect for busy bags and busy moms. Number sense activities for kids. #numbersense #toddlermath #preschoolmath #learningactivity #recycledtoy