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a black and white drawing of a cartoon character with the words even if i'm scared
Ani Castillo's Store | Society6
a man sitting at a table in front of a cake with flames on it and the caption reads, when everything at work is going wrong but you're used to now
a woman sitting at a table writing in front of a vase with flowers on it
a painting of a woman sitting in a chair with a quote on her face that reads i don't get nearly enough credit in life for all the things i manage not to say
Monday, More sewing, trying to stay calm.
Out My Window: Monday, More sewing, trying to stay calm.
Funny Pictures, Feelings, Funny, Funny Cat, Crazy Cats
a cartoon frog sitting on top of a pink background with the words me no problem
snazzy frog
a bird standing next to a trophy with the words went to bed at a reasonable time 2 nights in a row
i didn't realize i was supposed to know how to do everything by my second rodeo art print
This Is My Second Rodeo Art Print by Huge Potato
a tea towel hanging on a clothes line with the words if i have to pull up my big girl pants and deal with it
Quotes, Self Love, Life Advice, Feel Better, Self Improvement
“You Are Being Rescued, Do Not Resist”: 40 Of The Best Ominous Positivity Posts From This Online Page
two tweets on twitter with one saying, what's something you didn't realize was going to consume so much of your time as an adult?
[deleted by user]
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winnie the pooh sitting at a table with two other pooh bears in front of them
someone is holding up a tweet with an image of a house and garden
a tweet about kids rooms
the most satisfying adult sentence yeah, i'm not going to do that
Tina Marie Buckley (@TinaMarieBuckl2)
an old - fashioned candy necklace, but with tums and ibupfoen
Fun Quotes Funny, Funny Quotes About Life, Workplace Humor
40 TOTALLY Sarcastic Quotes for When Work Is Beating You Down
a small goat wearing a yellow shirt standing next to a black and white dog
a black and white sign with words on it that says, adulthood is full of so many fun surprises like what will break today an appliance?
an ad with the text being an adult is so weird im just unsupervised all the time? how unasafe
a black and white quote with the words i'm nature but not like nature
a sign on the side of a building that says, remember when you were little and you'd fall while on a trampoline and everyone would keep jumping so you couldn't get back up
Letterfolk Changeable Letter Board | Mini Felt Letter Boards
But if anyone asks, “I’m fine! Everything’s fine!” : @kaitlyn.hachman
a green background with the words, who knew that the hardest part of being an adult is figuring out what to cook for dinner every single night for the rest of your life until you
What's Cooking Good Looking- Meal Planning 101
a blue background with the words one thing no one ever talks about when it comes to being an adult, is how much time we debate keeping a cardboard box
🙋🏻‍♂️ Lose Fat, Words Of Wisdom
a quote that reads one of the weird things about being an adult is having a favorite stovetop burner yet nobody talks about it
I killed a spider for you
Is it weird that this doesn't seem weird?
a sign that says being an adult is having the we have food at home talk with yourself over and over
When it’s a public holiday and supermarkets are closed, you feel a great relief😅 Miscalculation- forgot Monday is still a holiday 😂
a sign that reads went to the grocery store today, had to pay for food then prepare and cook it myself / / zero stars would not recommend
I even had to do the dishes! . 📸 @letterfolk . . . . . . #letterfolk #letterboard #quote #dinnertime
a sign that reads being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet no one really knows how
i suppose it would be irresponsable to turn house cleaning into a drinking game
Morning Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics
the text reads i don't think i get enough credit for the fact that i do
#WaTchTheFuCkOut #UnMeDicAtEdNSoBer #FucKinTryMe #PaStLoVeRzWiLlBeHaTerz
a man sitting in a chair holding a drink with the caption, what do you think?
There are some perks to being an adult. #Wine #winehumour Wine Quotes, Wines, Wine Wednesday, Retro Humour, Alcohol Humor, Wine Humor
There are some perks to being an adult. #Wine #winehumour
a quote that reads, i lost my car chapstick and now my purse chapstick is in my room and my room
Could not be more true. I have chapstick all over the house
the text is written in black and white on a light colored background with an image of a
the text is written in blue and white on a black background that says, i leave my house a mess so when friends visit they go home feeling better about their own house keeping
an old typewriter with the words it takes a village and a vineyard - empoet
It takes a village...and a vineyard....
an ice cube with the words you know you're a grown up when you actually pick up the ice cube instead of kicking it under the fridge
an old advertisement shows a woman cooking in the kitchen with pies on the stove
Anne Taintor Square Refrigerator Magnets
I don't mind the's the kitchen I can't stand. / Anne Taintor