Word Families Phonic Activities

This board is all about word family activities. Here you will find ideas for teaching word families to early learners from preschool to kindergarten or the…
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Early Literacy Activities with Ice Cream Word Family Sort
Boost your child’s learning with our ice cream word family sort! Perfect for kindergarten and for preschoolers, these word family activities are great for early literacy activities and summer activities for kids. Ideal as a literacy center activity. Click to download and start the fun!
the rhyming word family caterpillar is shown in this printable poster
Playful Rhyming Words: Word Family Activities
Get ready for a rhyming party with our spring rhyming activities! These early literacy activities are a great way to teach word families and rhyming words. Use it in your literacy center or as a classroom activity to make learning how to read more fun! Learn more about this spring rhyming activity here!
the rhyming caterpillar word families game
Playful Rhyming Words: Word Family Activities
Dive into playful learning with our Rhyming Activities. These activities, great for rhyming activities for preschoolers, enrich word family activities and are a creative addition to both kindergarten learning activities and kindergarten literacy centers.
winter short words sorting activity for kids
Short Vowel Activities in Literacy Center Activities
Make vowels a hit this winter with short vowel activities. These sorting games add fun to literacy center activities for preschool and are great for early literacy activities. Designed for little learners, they're perfect for winter activities for kids. Click now to sort, play, and learn all winter long!
the snowman rhyming centers are organized and ready to be played in winter
Snowman Rhyming Adventure for Winter Learning
Get ready for a playful learning adventure with our winter-themed snowman rhymes. These winter activities are perfect for preschool winter activities and focus on fun rhyming word activities. Exploring word families becomes a joy with our word family rhyming activity, perfect for kindergarten word families. Click here for rhyming fun in a winter wonderland!
the winter rhyming activity is shown with snowmen and other words on it
Winter Word Families with Snowman Rhymes
Dive into winter fun with our winter activities! Ideal for preschool winter activities, these rhyming word activities teach word families in the most enjoyable way. Our word family rhyming activity is specially designed for kindergarten word families. Click now and make learning rhymes a snowy adventure!