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The Best Earplugs!
These earplugs allow you to hear what is going on around you but reduces loud noises that can impact you negatively. I've been so impressed with them and you will be too! Click to learn more and get yours.
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Keep Lettuce Fresh for Weeks!
Keep lettuce fresh for weeks but washing it with my methods and storing it in these glass containers! Vinegar soak for two minutes will do the trick. Follow for more tips and check out these awesome containers!
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The Best Vegetable Chopper
Save time and energy by using this handy vegetable chopper. It's easy to use and makes chopping a breeze. Check it out on Amazon! Remember that you can store cut veggies in glass jars to keep them fresh for up to a week, so save yourself time when it comes to meal prepping!
How to Replace Berkey Water Filters
The new Boroux Filters fit in your Berkey! I am so thankful I found this company so that I can replace my Berkey filters. Use this for clean water in your home.Use my code: TheCrossLegacy for 10% off your purchase!
Christmas Gift for Mom
What do you get a mom who has everything? An Our Place pan! They are incredible to cook with and come in so many colors and sizes. They will love this new addition to their kitchen. Click to learn more and take advantage of their sales.
Black Friday Sale!
Get organic cotton produce bags, my bestselling eBook, and the grocery planner and meal planner all on sale! Shop the Black Friday sale from The Cross Legacy now!
Gift Ideas for Mom
These Our Place pans are beautiful and make moms life easier in the kitchen! They are non stick and can be used to make any meal. Available in a variety or colors, shapes, and sizes. Click to learn more!
Gift Ideas for Husbands
Looking for a gift for your husband? Or a Gift for your dad? Get them a Blackstone Grill! These high quality grills make cooking fun and can be used for a variety of recipes. Click the link to learn more and check out theri holiday sales!
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Winter Wellness Tips!
Oregano oil can be used to support your immune system. These Orega O's gummes are an easy way to incorporate oregano oil in your daily routine to help you stay well this winter! Check out how I am using products from North American Herb and Spice to stay well this winter! #ask4NAHS #northamericanherbandspice
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Benefits of Oregano Oil
Oregano oil can be used to support your immune system. These Orega O's gummes are an easy way to incorporate oregano oil in your daily routine to help you stay well this winter! Check out this product from North American Herb and Spice! #ask4NAHS #northamericanherbandspice
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Holiday Budget
If you're looking to save money during the holidays, I can help! My mini course, Preserving the Holidays has everything you need to save money on holiday meals and gifts. It is FREE when you join The Grocery Solution Membership in November. Click to learn more and sign up!
Gift Ideas for Husbands
These Nakano knives are the perfect gift for your husband who likes to cook! This knife set is high quality and they serve so many different purposes. You'll be able to meal prep with ease. Check them out and use my code:THECROSSLEGACY for a discount!
Spend Less on Groceries!
My grocery budget is only $135/month and yours can be too! Learn all of my tricks to spend less on groceries and get your grocery budget under control. Spend less while still enjoying healthy meals on a budget. Learn more and sign up today!