Storing Produce in the fridge

Storing fruits in mason jars or glass containers can help to make it last longer. Washing fruit in a vinegar wash and storing it in the fridge properly allows…
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Washing Fruit Tips!
You should always wash your honeydew before you cut it. If you aren't sure how to wash honeydew, this video will show you how to do it in just a few easy steps! It will also help your fruit stay fresh longer.
How to Cut Honeydew
Do you know how to cut honeydew? This delicious summer melon is one that you want to enjoy while it is fresh. You can cut it and store it in a glass container to stay fresh for a couple of weeks. Watch this video to learn how!
How to Wash Cantaloupe
Washing cantaloupe will keep it fresh longer and make sure that it is safe to eat! Learn the best way to wash cantaloupe that is easy and takes just a few minutes!
How to Cut Cantaloupe
Cutting cantaloupe is easy! Watch this video to learn how I do it and save yourself money by cutting it yourself.
How to Wash Cherries
Washing cherries will keep them fresh longer! Wash cherries in a vinegar wash for two minuntes and store them in a glass container. Click to see the full directions.
How to Wash Blackberries
Washing blackberries correctly will keep them fresh longer. My blackberries stay fresh for 2-3 weeks when I wash them using these methods. Watch the full video for all of the directions so that you can keep your blackberries fresh!
How to Wash Fruit
In this video learn how to wash fruit and was vegetables. Washing fruits and vegetables makes them last longer. Get long lasting produce by washing and storing it correctly! I have taught millions of people and can teach you too!
Fridge Organization
Having an organized fridge can save you money! Get your FREE ticket to the organized living summit so that you can see my presentation as well as others who share about how they organize their home. Learn how to declutter and get your home feeling fresh and organized.
Save Money on Groceries
Do you wish you spent less at the grocery store? It is possible! The Grocery Solution give you information that you can implement right now to start saving money on groerices. Join us in this exclusive community!
Washing Fruit in Vinegar
If you want to keep your fruit fresh for weeks, here's how! Wash it in a vinegar rinse for two minutes! This will kill off harmful pathogens and mold spores. I wash my fruits and vegetables and store many of them in mason jars in the fridge. Some, like clementines, will stay in the crisper drawer. If you want to learn how to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for weeks, click on the link below!
Keeping Corn Fresh!
This quick and easy tip is the secret to keeping your corn on the cob fresh when you bring it home from the store! Check out this video to see what you need to do so that you can fully enjoy all of your fresh corn!
an open refrigerator with fruits and vegetables in it that says the grocery solution save money on groceries
Save Money on Groceries
It is possible to spend less on groceries and stick to a budget, even with rising prices! Click to learn all of my best tips and tricks for how we stick to a budget of $135/person per month. This is possible for you too!
How to Enjoy Fresh Peaches
Fresh peaches can be enjoyed in many ways! Read this blog to learn my favorite things to do with them and some easy recipes to try.
blueberries with the words how to wash your store's blueberries on it
How to Keep Blueberries Fresh
I wash blueberries in a vinegar wash and store them in a glass container in my fridge. Following my specific directions allows me to keep blueberries fresh for over a month! You can enjoy fresh fruit for weeks without have to go shopping every week. Read this article for the full directions and keep your blueberries fresh!
How to Keep Fruit Fresh
My fruits and vegetables stay fresh at least three weeks, do yours? You can learn all of my tips and tricks in my eBooks, I Bought It, Now What? I cover the 75 most popular fruits and vegetables. Stop throwing away your produce and start saving money!