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a book with some type of bread on it
Baker's Street- Brand Identity
Bakers Street is the only one stop bakery point which provides heavenly experiences of their lovely premium. Desserts to our young and the social media savvy audience.
a woman in black top and leggings standing next to a wall with a poster on it
Design logo Luna | Lesse studio
four books with different font and pictures on the covers, one is black and white
Ozora — Branding
Ozora is more than just a pottery studio and ceramic store; it's a vibrant community united by a shared passion for authenticity and nature. Branding, Visual Identity, Brand Identity, Logo, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Packaging #design #visual #designinspiration #designideas #branding #aesthetic #font #displayfont #inspiration #packaging#visualidenityt #skincare #graphicsdesign #typography #brandidentity #branddesigner #visualidentity #corporateidentity #editorial #branding
a purple and black sign sitting on top of a brick walkway next to plants in front of a window
The Brand Identity – Graphic Design’s Greatest
a close up of a tag on the side of a blue box with yellow string
Z2GO&CO. Visual Identity and Packaging
an advertisement on the side of a building with pictures of pomegranates
Polybion "Imagery"
Polybion "Imagery" on Behance
a poster hanging on the side of a green tiled wall next to a black frame
How to brand an island: Studio Oker’s identity for Flor & Fjære pulls from its 50-acre gardens
the website is designed to showcase women's fashions and their own brand identity
Aggo Fashion Brand
Collins rebrands healthy fast food chain Sweetgreen to infuse it with humour and versatility
Collins rebrands healthy fast food chain Sweetgreen to infuse it with humour and versatility
an image of a woman's ear with the words ena on it and other images
Solutions through guidance, design, art direction and creative consulting.
an advertisement for fresh made french croissants and a hand holding a cup of coffee
Still with Seriously Nostalgic Serif :)
three iphones with the same product on them, one is red and one is white
Tronque | Best Awards
Art Direction - Branding - Brand Identity - Graphic Design - Editorial Design - Motion Graphics - 3D Artist
it is such a mysterious place the land of tears
Urbanic posters s2
a can of beer with the words for the fun happy hours on it next to an advertisement
Half Full Brewing Co. Is Destigmatizing Mental Health Struggles, One Beer At A Time