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a pumpkin with a face painted on it sitting in the middle of leaves and text saying having a socially distant halloween
Having a Socially Distant Halloween
Halloween is usually a festive time, filled with parties and hordes of costumed children going door to door. This year is a little different with many kids in online schooling and avoiding visiting friends and relatives due to COVID-19. The CDC is recommending extra caution and many states and counties...
a glass jar filled with food on top of a tiled floor next to a tile wall
Selling Homemade Food on eBay?
If your home kitchen passes an inspection by the Health Department, you can become eligible to sell your homemade food products to the public. This is a guide about selling homemade food on eBay.
two jars filled with sauce sitting on top of a table next to lemons and herbs
Selling Homemade Condiments?
Selling homemade food, like condiments or snacks, can be a great start-up business. However, your home kitchen will need to pass health inspection first. This is a guide about selling homemade condiments.
an empty room with white walls and wood floors
Rates for Cleaning New Construction Homes
This is a guide about rates for cleaning new construction homes. Cleaning businesses often focus on specific types of cleaning jobs, such as private homes, businesses, or new construction.