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many different colored papers and coffee cups on a white table with the words cocoa written in them
Parenting Is Hard Work, and Cookma Wants To At Least Help New Parents Get a Nourishing Meal
Parenting Is Hard Work, and Cookma Wants To At Least Help New Parents Get a Nourishing Meal | Dieline - Design, Branding & Packaging Inspiration
Brand board for the wellness program named HappyMe, displaying logotype, logo mark, vivid colorful palette, and Instagram posts, illustrating the brand's cohesive, youthful, and professional visual identity. Color Palette Instagram, Brand Identity Colors, Feminine Color Palette, Instagram Branding, Branding Mood Board, Neon Design, Brand Color Palette, Brand Guide, Color Palette Design
Brand Board for Wellness Program Named HappyMe: Logotype, Logo Mark, Color Palette & Instagram Posts
the website is designed to look like it has been created by japanese graphic artist and designer
Matcha Tea Branding | Packaging Design | Social Media
The logo showcases a hand-drawn matcha leaves, symbolizing purity and enlightenment. The typography, influenced by Japanese calligraphy, exudes elegance. The color palette reflects the soothing shades of green found in nature. With elegant packaging and minimalist labels, Matcha Moments radiates simplicity and sophistication. #logo #branding#packaging#tea#matchatea
four different colored squares are arranged together
Studio RENS | Colour based design studio | Halvemaanstraat 24, Eindhoven, Netherlands
a woman pouring a drink into a glass with the caption sip'er celebrating her - led alcohol shop now
SIP HER WAY: Celebrating her-led alcohol
SIP'ER is the online version of your friendly neighbourhood bar. We've got an abundance of sips to recommend and damn good stories to go with them. Shop boutique wines, craft beers & small-batch spirits, and discover the women behind them.