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a large yellow truck driving down a street next to a lush green tree covered hillside
a large yellow truck is parked in front of a building with a crane on the back
Photo Storage
an advertisement for the ford truck - built to reduce your holiday cost, with pictures of various parts
1939 Plymouth
a large bulldozer sitting in front of a new zealand sign on the side of a building
#ThrowbackThursday is this fantastic picture of the 100th #CaterpillarD9 in New Zealand here at our #Christchurch head office. Picture courtesy of the Bill Brittain collection.
an old red tractor parked in front of a garage
a man sitting on top of a red tractor
1953 Farmall Super H
an old red tractor sitting in the grass
Antique Iron
My grandad had on of these. It was old and rusty, but still did the job. farmall tractor
an old red farmall tractor parked in front of a silo on the grass
Farmall M with 4WD
4x4 M Farmall