England and Wales 2012

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the sun shines brightly in front of some tall buildings and boats on the water
Pointy Tower
the big ben clock tower towering over the city of london on a cloudy day in england
Parliament on the Thames
the city skyline is seen from across the water, with cranes in the foreground
Faberge Building
two people sitting on a bus looking out the window at traffic in london, england
They let anyone drive in London
a white picket fence with a red roof overlooks the ocean and town in the distance
Aberystwyth from Hill
two people walking up some stairs in front of an old castle with stone walls and green grass
Castle Caldicot
Tower Entrance Entrance, Dead Man
Tower Entrance
a white plate topped with fried fish and vegetables next to a small bowl of sauce
Mushy Peas on Bayswater
an old castle like building with hedges in the foreground
The rooms were lovely.
some very tall buildings by the water
Modern London
an old castle with a clock on the side
Tower of London
a group of young men sitting next to each other with guitars in front of them
Fab Four