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This is a shot of Toad’s bedroom from one of the books - Toad is in bed in his pajamas making a list for the day. His bed is a simple cozy wood frame with a large comfortable green duvet and a feather pillow.  In the background, you can see into another room with plate racks and tea cups.
Toad’s bed/bedroom
a book with an image of a hedge hugging a cat
an illustration of a bed in a room with the words i will do it tomorrow
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Gifts of the forest
a frog sitting on top of a purple flower
It's a beautiful world!
three hanging frames with pictures on them
54 Gifts That Are Perfect For Your Best Friend, No Matter The Occasion
a figurine of three women sitting on top of each other holding umbrellas
The Lladró Figurine Price Guide: 20+ Examples
The Lladró Figurine Price Guide: 20 Examples
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an angel statue sitting on top of a stone wall next to a yellow flower vase
Campo Verano Grave
Campo Verano Grave by cheesemonster, via Flickr (Rome)