WOD: Valeria Noa Hill [ OC ]

This is my World of Darkness ; Werewolf the Forsaken character! Her name is Valeria Noa Hill and a werewolf of the Rocky Mountains ⛰ in Denver. She's 19 and a…
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Watching me, watching you - The wolves of Langedrag....(Explored, my 100th)

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Danielle MacIvor on Instagram: “Some sketches I did this morning before working on commissions, coastal wolves are such a beautiful subspecies. Something about a wolf…”

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Her Tea Leaves
Her Tea Leaves
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Commentary on Psalm 23 - Working Preacher from Luther Seminary
The 23rd Psalm is a perennial favorite.1 And yet for all its familiarity, there may be some nuances to the Psalm we have missed, some reflections scholars might share to deepen our sense of the most comforting words ever composed. Consider one four letter word in verse four: thou. The second-person pronoun “thou” is old … Continue reading "Commentary on Psalm 23"
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Bellamy loves games. Be it quidditch, pool, board games, or even just the competition of running against someone. He loves it and if he finds a game he's interested in he will often practice until he can beat people at it
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then let it end
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⚘ ᵐᵒˢˢᵃᵇᵘˡ
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ear tagging
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Veterinary medicine <3
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Wood shavings
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Off with the Faeries
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Full Moon
Full Moon
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