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The chart illustrating how to use nouns with numerals. #Russian #Numbers

Russian Numbers

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the book cover shows an image of two men talking to each other, and one man is
10+ best textbooks for learning Russian at beginner level for foreigners (pdf format, legal download)
Honest RussianPod101 Review Walk The Talk, Advanced Grammar, How To Speak Russian, Start Reading, Just So You Know
Does RussianPod101 Work? Honest Review.
Honest RussianPod101 Review: Does it Work?
an orange and white sign with words in russian on the bottom right hand corner that says,
Кто сможет перевести?
an ornately decorated faber egg with gold trimmings and red domes on it
Is Christmas Russia’s Main Winter Holiday?
Since the beginning of December, every minute of every hour brings us closer to the crazy, stressful, yet long-anticipated, and amazing winter holidays.
a santa clause figurine holding a broom
Christmas and Russian New Year traditions
Probably, many of you know that the traditions of celebrating the new year and Christmas in Russia are different from the rest of the world that celebrates Christmas. This is due to the facts that, firstly, the Orthodox Church is following the Julian calendar, and therefore Christmas in Russia falls on January 7, and not on December 25. And secondly, the tradition of celebrating Christmas in Russia was significantly undermined by its communist past, ...
an old book with writing on it and the words cursive handwriting in russian
℘ Easy Read and Write Russian Cursive for ⚤Adults (video, pdf, worksheets)
Most Russians do not use block letters when writing by hand. You must learn to read and write a script. Because all of you will meet the situation when at some websites, journals or newspapers you will need the text written with typed cursive. And you need to be able to recognize it. Because sometimes it can be really confusing. Some letters look like English ones, for example, Russian Т - looks like English M in cursive. So you can read it wrong if you don't know how to read it.
a poster with the words preposition on it and an image of a thought bubble
Russian Cases in Simple Words (with visual sheets, charts, video)
How to learn Russian cases. The Best visual sheets, charts about Russian cases.
a woman is in the mud with her hands out
Why are Russian women so desired?
Nature gave men and women different abilities and functions. Our main task is to find confidence and develop what inherent nature. For centuries, women supported the family home, creating comfort, took care of the family, they have children, carrying the beauty, love and harmony in the world. In the modern world the role of men and women are mixed, but the real man is always looking for a real woman. #russian #russianwomen
the book cover for living language russian learn in 4 simple steps, complete with cd
15+ Best Books for Learning Russian from Scratch
What's the best book to use to learn Russian? List of most effective books for learning Russian.
an image of a crossword puzzle with numbers
1-20 Russian Numbers (pronunciation, declension, cases)
In this post I want to talk about numbers and how they decline and which cases you use for which numbers. Because it's not exactly straightforward. So we all start from the beginning.
an image of a screen shot of some movies on the webpage for itto
4 Best Sites for Free Legal Watching Russian Movies Online with Russian Subtitles
Russian movies with Russian subtitles for learning the Russian language through films. Russian films will help you immerse into the mentality, humor, slang of the Russian people.
Funny Russian Cyrillic Gifts T-Shirt Funny Russian, Top Fashion Brands, Shop Top, Fashion Brands, Branded T Shirts
Start Thinking Both Languages
Funny Russian Cyrillic Gifts T-Shirt
the children's book is written in russian and has pictures of animals on it
Russian ABC book
Russian ABC book
a paper with some writing on it
Creative #Russian calendar January 2019
Creative #Russian calendar January 2019