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Home bar.


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Biuro w domu

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a refined dining area with a navy banquette, a chic table, yellow chairs and wooden stools plus a storage niche


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Wnętrze sypialni

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a glass table topped with green plants on top of a stone floor next to a purple wicker chair
Terrarium pot with a glass top (garden art)
a living room filled with furniture next to a wall mounted wine bottle rack and vases
Home bar.
an outdoor patio with plants and hanging hammock chairs, potted plants and rugs
37 Adorable Small Garden Ideas for Your Tiny Oasis
there are many pots with plants in them on the ground and one is filled with water
25 Spectacular Outdoor Mini Water Garden Ideas
a living room with white walls and blue accents on the floor, along with two chairs
an ironing board in the corner of a room next to a window with cityscape on it
a large stone bowl sitting on top of a pile of rocks next to a lush green bush
a bar with marble counter tops and wooden stools
a shelf with books, glasses and a hat on it next to a wooden wall
Lavatório de banheiro, feito em porcelanato Obs: falta o furo da torneira e acabamentos finais
the closet is full of shoes and boots for all kinds of people to use it
a marble counter top in a bar with bottles on it
Step Inside the San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2023
an office with two chairs and a desk
2023 Introductions
a desk with two computers on it and the words make an awesome murphy desk with ikea besta
Make an awesome Murphy Desk with IKEA BESTÅ - IKEA Hackers