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an owl with glasses sitting on top of a person's hand in the street
Aesthetic owl out to the shops
a person holding a stuffed animal in the air
Shop | Gakman Creatures
two hands holding small stuffed animals in their palms
a person holding a stuffed white cat in their hand and it's paw up to the camera
a blue and white stuffed animal sitting on top of a table
❄白雪 桜🌸NIKKE🩷 on X
(1) 🌸白雪 桜🌸 on Twitter: "先日ナツメヒロさん(@natsumehiro )でパクストン様の作品を見てきました✨ スカイブルーで本当に美しかったです💕 @Mile_Paxton 様 #キツネのジョヌと小さな雑貨店 https://t.co/XUkBLZ08TJ" / Twitter
three different views of an animal with blue and white feathers
Wolfdragon art doll commission
Super sculpey, faux fur, feathers, wire+plastic armature, fabric leather, primer, acrylic paint, varnish. Posable neck has plastic ball-and-socket armature inside and can be posed. Tail and wings are also posable and have wire armature inside. Legs and lumbar also contain wire armature inside, so you can carefully and slightly move it to find perfect balance if you keep the doll on uneven surface. Size: Doll is around 25cm tall and 70cm length
a person holding a stuffed tiger in their hands