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children are sitting on the floor with their laptops in front of them and one child is drawing
Ecosistema Urbano invitado a diseñar un centro experimental de educación infantil en Reggio Emilia | ecosistema urbano
Love this image from a Reggio school, where they've combined art, ICT & the construction of loose parts - shared by 'Ecosistema Urbano' (",)
a table topped with pictures next to a window
Stopmotion lera
some red and green sunglasses sitting on top of pictures
3D glasögon och egna 3D bilder
a person sitting at a table with a computer monitor and pen in front of them
Digital lärmiljö
two children sitting at a table with an open laptop and apple slices on the table
Musik med frukt
Makey makey
a christmas scene is displayed in a frame on a red table with a black and white microphone
Skapa sagor med webbkamera.
an aquarium filled with plants and rocks on top of a table
Micro till Marco i avbildande av den lilla kvisten. Projektion på stort spännpapper men även skuggor av växter som avbildas med temperafärg.
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a white desk next to a small lamp
Micro till Marco i bygg
there are many different items on the shelf in front of the window that is lit up
a display case filled with fake animals and flowers
Microvärld för filmskapande i Imotion.