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a small building sitting next to a river in the woods with a waterfall coming out of it
72 hours in the Lake District, England — Bronwyn Townsend
an old house with ivy growing on it
an outdoor hot tub in the middle of a forest
8 Epic Places To Visit In Guatemala
an old church built into the side of a mountain in europe, surrounded by trees
The Santuario Madonna della Corona church is dauntingly suspended over the cliffs of Verona, Italy - Travel & Photography
a woman sitting on the grass next to a lake with her bike leaning against it
a painting of a house next to a lake
a bathroom with a large tub next to a window
Il auto-construit une maison écologique et le résultat est sublime !
an indoor swimming pool surrounded by flowers and greenery in the middle of a courtyard
On the rocks: Cocktail pools transform small spaces into outdoor oases - inRegister
a woman laying in bed next to a fireplace with a ladder on it's side
Winter Nap by ivy-alive on DeviantArt
an old, run down building with two towers
Abandoned Villa In Italy
Fairy Tale House
an old house with ivy growing on the roof and windows is surrounded by lush green grass
North London home
an aerial view of a castle in the middle of trees and water, with land surrounding it
Kinnaird Castle, Scotland
an old castle sitting next to a body of water in the middle of a field
Vik on Twitter
an old building with water and plants around it
Wander the wood
a woman is standing in front of a house with birds flying around the pond and trees behind her
the house is surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees
Country Cottage in Old Hatfield
an old brick house surrounded by greenery and trees in the country side with a path leading to it
an aerial view of a house and garden in the country side, taken from above
Paysage intérieur : Photos
a tree house built into the side of a large tree
Tree Houses
a dog laying in the window of an old brick building with ivy growing around it
My inner landscape
the inside of a building with a stained glass ceiling and stone walls, along with an arched doorway
Hubbell House master bathroom ceiling