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the action figure has an orange outfit and is holding a baseball bat in its hand
ThunderCats (1985) 1-A
ThunderCats (1985) Cheetara by LJN
an action figure in a plastic case
an action figure is shown in the package
That 80s Joe
the action figures are posed for a photo
the action figure is in its package
Thundercats Panthro action figure
a red toy robot with wheels on it's head and an advertisement for toys r us
Go Bots Turbo
an action figure is posed in a pose on a gray background with the caption's name below it
1/6 Scale Deadpool Movie Colossus (Marvel) Custom Action Figure
the action figure is wearing a black outfit and hat
three action figures of men in suits and ties
Il massimo dei Giocattoli
the box for an air radiator model is open and ready to be opened
Image Review Form
an action figure is shown in the package for this item, which includes a basketball player and
two action figures are shown in front of an advertisement for the game air raiders
Photo Storage
the adventures of indiana jones in radias doll with white dress and headpiece
Collectibles of the Week: The Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Collection (Kenner; 1982)