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several different types of brushes are shown in black and white, including one that has been cut
a silver vase with intricate designs on the outside and inside, sitting on a gray surface
A NEO-ELAMITE SILVER BEAKER circa 585-539 b.c. The conical vessel hammered from silver sheet with incised decoration, the rounded base encircled by a petalled rosette, a lotus calyx above with undulating curves from which rise twelve long overlapping petals, each bisected by incised lines, the interior of the flaring rim with a cuneiform inscription for Annishilha, King of Samati, son of Dabala 6 in. (17.1 cm) high
a gold vase with an image of two men and a woman on the front side
Амфора-ритон, детайл
a silver and gold statue sitting on top of a table
Treasures of Bulgaria - one photo per day
Treasures of Bulgaria - Thracian silver
Thracian gold dish - Bulgaria Ancient Greece, Ancient Greek, Ancient Pottery, Ancient Jewelry, Grece Antique, Gold Bowl, Ancient Cultures
Thracian gold dish - Bulgaria
two different views of a vase with animals on it
Rhyton - shaped head. Greek 490 - 323 B.C. Silver. Louvre Museum
a hand holding a gold cup with a face on it
Grandson of rag and bone man discovers 'Indiana Jones' gold cup may be worth £500,000
Bust of Athena - from Thessaly 2nd century B.C, now Princeton University Art Museum Roman, Athena, Greek Jewelry
Bust of Athena - from Thessaly 2nd century B.C, now Princeton University Art Museum
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an ornate gold vase with elephants on it
File:A rhyton from Marlik, Iran, 1000 BC.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
a vase with an animal head on it
Greek Agate Kohl Pot, 5th-3rd century BC
an ornate gold vase with animals on it
Gold Vessel from Northern Iran