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a peacock standing on top of a stone wall next to a butterfly
Romantiska Hem
A secret stone hideaway!
an abandoned building with stairs leading up to the second floor and green vegetation growing all over it
Swallowed by Nature
earth has taken over - Cherobyl, super creepy, but I'd definitly love to see this for real!
an old tree growing out of the top of a stone structure in front of a building
.Trees and plants reclaiming.
an old stone building in the woods with leaves on the ground and trees around it
Page 4 – The Internet's Most Asked Questions
an old abandoned house with a train coming down the tracks in front of it and trees on both sides
abandoned train stations | abandoned train station
an old rusted truck parked in front of a red barn with a wooden roof
Country Woman At Heart
Behöver repareras...
an old red truck sitting in the middle of a field next to a wooden house
a bunch of cars that are sitting in the grass with captioning about it
Beautiful Portals
Chatillon Car Graveyard from WWII in Belgium - cars were left by soldiers because they were too expensive to bring home.
the city is surrounded by tall buildings and trees
an old city with lots of buildings and debris
Les sublimes illustrations de Puz Lee
Puz Lee - The Torch
an artist's rendering of a city with tall buildings and plants growing on them
45 Matte Painting Photoshop (PSD) Tutorials and 3D
idée d'avancement de la végétation
an abandoned train station is shown in this artistic photo with sunlight streaming through the roof
Post Apocalypse – Deux artistes imaginent les ruines des lieux célèbres