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three ceramic cups sitting on top of a wooden table next to a light switch box
Wayne Pate
several fan shaped paper flowers on a table
Best Fronds Forever: DIY Dried Paper Palm Leaf
DIY faux dried palm leaves. Faux real! These DIY Dried Paper Palm Fronds are easy and you can make a GIANT version of them too, just like the real thing :) #ruffledblog #diypaperideas #driedpalmleaves #palmfronds #paperfans
three different colored lamps hanging on the wall
strand lighting janiekt 2014
two pictures one with a lamp and the other with an origami model on it
We can so do this...Designer Ana Kras.
three wooden lamps hanging from the ceiling in a room with white walls and metal beams
Dream Weaver Lamps by Pop & Scott
three glass vases with plants in them on a white surface, one is filled with water and the other has a lit candle
Simple Tea Light Vase
four glass rocks with wire wrapping by libby leuchman more on instagram
LibbyLeu - Etsy
Glass rocks with wire wrapping by Libby Leuchtman More
three macrame wall hangings on a white wall
DIY Modern Yarn Hanging - Homey Oh My
DIY Modern Yarn Hanging - Homey Oh My!
a wall hanging with several different colored feathers attached to it's sides and gold pins on each side
If you’ve been patiently waiting to place an order while I’ve been hopping around the UK and Ireland, here’s your heads up that my Etsy shop will reopen on Friday! 😘
two glass vases with sea shells in them
DIY Boho - Dekoration mit Makramee Blättern
DIY, Makramee, Makramee Blätter, Boho - Dekoration, Step by Step Tutorial und viele weitere DIY Ideen und Anleitungen findest Du auf meinem Blog Beates-Kreative-Welten.DIY, Makramee, Makrameeblätter
three blue and brown leaves on a marble surface
#Regram via @Ba3wP5Tj2nh