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a living room with black chairs and a coffee table in front of a gray wall
Showroom i Kungsbacka 🇸🇪
Hej! Välkommen in till vårt showroom i Kungsbacka. Vi har alla sju modellerna tillgängliga för visning och provning. Varför inte slå dig ner i någon av de sköna fåtöljerna och avnjut en cappuccino ☕️framför en värmande brasa medans du kikar på färgprover till din kamin. 🔥Du kan även se de fina betongskivorna som finns i två färger, till modellerna Globe och Divider. Välkommen in! Hör av dig för tidsbokning! 💕 #showroom #sweden #fireplace #design #art #ecofriendly #skorstensfri #kamin #bioetano
a man holding onto a large metal object with his hands on the top of it
A real Swedish hand craft 💯
Buy better and keep forever! 🌟 Our fireplaces are true works of art made with lots of love. 🥰 By a combination of traditional and modern manufacturing we bring you unique fireplaces that will give you warm moments together with family and friends for years to come. 🔥
a fireplace with the words bonjou hello hoa guten tag
Hello! Bonjour! Guten tag!
Welcome to our web shop! We have an awesome chat function in many languages and we ship worldwide 🌍✈️
the results are these stunning globes in several colors and sizes accessories, accessories etc
Since the dawn of man...
Our prehistoric ancestors used the fire to keep warm.
a man wearing a helmet and holding a camera in his right hand, with trees in the background
Hand made with love
Our fireplace is eco friendly and made in Sweden. We love the man and nature. And of course design!
an upside down view of a black object with a poem written on the top and bottom
Made in Sweden
a black object sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a wall with words from above and beyond
The first Vauni fireplace
Globe a staple in our collection since the very beginning.
a black object sitting on top of a stone floor next to a text description about the first vaun
The first Vauni
Find out more about the first Vauni
a white object sitting on top of a sandy beach
The Vauni story
Back to the elements 🔥🌊 #madeinsweden Find out about The Vauni Story.