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a bunch of necklaces hanging from a wooden beam in a room with a window
Ловец солнца Sancatcher @ewgg_decor
a wall hanging made out of shells and rope
Images By Spirit50 On Nature's Natural Dream Catchers! BA6
there are many different items hanging on the wall and in glass bottles with chains attached to them
The Old Hotel Market, New Market, MN (2024)
a colorful wind chime hanging from the side of a purple wall next to potted plants
Hand painted Beach Driftwood Dreamcatcher Textile Wall hanging Boho Hippie Ibiza Garden
a peace sign hanging on the wall with multicolored beads and tassels
Neutral Tones Tree of Life Dream Catcher/ Wall Hanging Home Bohemian Decor - Etsy
a wreath made out of old clothes pegs and colorful fabric ties on a white wooden background
painted driftwood wreath | bright colors
multicolored pom - poms hanging on the wall
Pompom Wall Hanging — Yarn project | Pom pom crafts, Creative crafts, Yarn crafts
there is a wind chime made out of seashells
multicolored yarn tassels with wooden beads on a white cloth covered surface