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an orange and black poster with the words third act time line on it's side
The Great Novel-Writing Checklist (Just in Time for NaNoWriMo!)
the first act time line is shown in black and white, with an arrow pointing to it
The Link Between Your Story's Hook and Resolution
a poster with instructions on how to use the shutter speed limiter for your photography project
Pin by Nessie Bryan on Photography | Digital photography lessons, Digital photography basics, Photography basics
a black and white photo with the words quick guide to night photography settings on it
Pin on Night Photography
Pin on Night Photography
an instruction manual for how to use the light source in your photography project, with instructions
Pin by Tiggywiggy on Photography | Photography settings, Photography basics, Digital photography
an info sheet with instructions on how to use the light
Pin by Marwan Mohamed on Filmmaking cinematography in 2022 | Film photography tips, Digital photography basics, Digital photography lessons
the writing challenge is shown in pink and white
Writing Challenge #48
the poem for writing challenge 31
Writing Challenge #31
the rules for writing challenge, which includes four different types of words and their meanings
Writing Challenge #34
the writing challenge is written in black and white
Writing Challenge #37
a poem with the words written in green and black on it, which reads writing challenge 36