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a hand holding a clay sculpture of a woman's head with antlers on it
two dolls are standing on wooden bases in front of a window, one is wearing a green coat and the other has a white cat's head
a ceramic rabbit sitting on top of a table
a white cat figurine sitting next to a potted plant on a table
Tottopottery - Etsy
Tottopottery - Etsy
a person holding up a ceramic rabbit shaped object in front of their face and eyes
an egg with its mouth open next to two smaller eggs that have their mouths open
many different types of mushrooms are on the table and one is painted red, yellow, green, orange
the cat's science brooch set is next to a candle and some candles
The Cats Seance polymere clay pin set | handmade
four buttons with faces on them sitting on top of a yellow shirt and polka dot fabric
Handmade brooches
three green and one brown frog figurines with party hats